Top 10 Eclectic Home Interior Designs for You to Have

Eclectic style is a design style that has a method of combining various aspects, ideas, theories aimed at making the best architecture with existing combinations. However, the eclectic style does not always combine the elements of style, but sometimes it only applies to one style, only in the form of construction, function, and the conceptual side is different from the original system.

In architecture and interior design, these elements include building structures, furniture, decorating motifs, historical ornaments, traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries.

Eclectic emerged at the end of the 19th century because architects at that time wanted to discover new styles that had never been seen before. On the basis of past design styles, they then mix and combine various styles that ultimately provide a lot of inspiration with freedom of expression.

gray eclectic living room

gray eclectic living room

The eclectic style was also used for home design in the 20th century. At that time the house was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The more luxurious the contents of the house, the higher the level of nobility. Aesthetically, this style reflects the style of the past and not the future. No wonder there are various architectural elements in it, such as Gothic, Rococo and Victorian.

Here are some beautiful eclectic home interior designs for you to have.

1. Functional Furniture

The comfort and ease of furniture and interior design are the main criteria for electric style. Everything in the room must be functional and practical, not just beautiful. That is why in the style of electricity we often find antique and modern furniture can complement each other.

Eclectic Living Room Interior

Eclectic Living Room Interior – source:

Functional Eclektic Furniture

Functional Eclektic Furniture – source:

2. Consistent

The nature of the eclectic style does vary, but every room in the house must be in harmony with one another. Space in your home will look inconsistent or disturbed if there are many changes between one room and another. If you have decided to use an eclectic style at home, create a harmonious atmosphere in each room throughout the house.

Eclectic Living Room Furniture

Eclectic Living Room Furniture – source:

Eclectic Style Interior Design

Eclectic Style Interior Design – source:

3. Choose One Main Color

One-color should function as a unifying factor in the overall design of your home. Can be green or white, be sure to choose one color that can collaborate throughout the display.

Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room

Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room – source:

Main Color Eclectic Interior

Main Color Eclectic Interior – source:

4. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns on furniture and wallpaper are other characteristics of electrical strength. The most popular patterns that are often used are zigzag, vertical, horizontal lines, and circles.

Geometric Eclectic Interior

Geometric Eclectic Interior – source:

Geometric Patterns Interior

Geometric Patterns Interior – source:

5. Accessories

There are many accessories that can be used in electric styles, such as ancient paintings, household items, large mirrors with gold frames, crystal vases and photo frames. In electric style decorations, each accessory used must give the impression that you have collected everything for years. Maybe the accessories used can be related to good memories from the past or your dreams for the future.

Eclectic Interior Accessories

Eclectic Interior Accessories – source:

gray eclectic living room

gray eclectic living room – source:

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