This is The 7 Backyard Decoration You Need to Try

One part of the house that you cannot forget and is important is the home page. Good for the front page or backyard. This home page you can function as a green area and also as a gathering and playing area for your family. Its location outside of course makes the outside or exterior of your home more attractive to look at.

If you don’t have the inspiration for your Backyard design, you can try to see some of the ideas that we have that you can certainly apply to your home page design.

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Beautiful backyard

Good Lighting for the Home Page



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The name of the home page does not always have to have a lot of plants if you like the minimalist, maybe the design of this home page will suit you. By simply placing 3 plants on the edge, it will make your home page attractive, this you can apply to your backyard.

But there is one thing that you should pay close attention to, namely the lighting of lights that can make the atmosphere of your home page become more dramatic, such as using indirect lighting from the bottom of your home page. If you are a person who includes not like the grass or soil can use ceramic floors or natural stone as the base of your home page and you can also put some chairs to relax here.

Terraces as Alternative Styles for Home Pages

Terraces as Alternative Styles for Backyard

Terraces as Alternative Styles for Backyard

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His inspiration was from rice paddies in Bali that used a similar system. If it is in Bali, why not apply it to your home page. The condition is that the surface of your house must be higher than the road. At each level, you can fill with various types of plants with various colors and shapes. Of course, your home page will be very beautiful.

For additional you can put garden lights in the middle or edge in addition to lighting, of course, this can add the beautiful decoration of your home page. And you can also add a park bench in the corner of the yard to enjoy the beauty of your home page.

Unique and Interesting Backyard with Mini Cactus

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Mini cactus

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The next concept is a cactus-filled pot. For those of you who like cactus plants, of course, very suitable for this one concept. This cactus will be combined with the monochrome color of the pots that will become the container.

It is recommended to use white color combined with other furniture that has a firm line. It will be a very beautiful design on your home page. One more suggestion, use a pot that is not too large so that it will fit very well with the mini cactus planted.

Minimalist House Yard with Checked Grass

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Checked Grass

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If previously highlighted plants with the tiled yard this time a little different because what determines the decoration is grass. Not just ordinary grass but a plotted grass which certainly looks beautiful.

But to further beautify again you can be creative by using ceramics as plots of grass. In addition to placing bushes in several corners. Looks fresh, beautiful, and refreshing right?

Home page as a place of relaxation after work

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Previously, various concepts seemed to only place the bench or seat as a sweetener, this time the seat is the main star. The seat will be located in the middle of your yard with sweeteners in the form of bushes around it.

In addition, you can also make the courtyard wall as a vertical garden. It will greatly relax when you are tired after working or traveling.

The design of the Backyard is equipped with a Swimming pool

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Swimming pool

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A swimming pool can be one of the decorations that certainly beautify your home page, especially for the backyard.

Narrow elongated Backyard Design

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Home Page Design

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Only having a small yard is not a problem, you can make minimalist decorations such as small pots, minimalist grass that can be passed with a mini stepping stone.

If sufficient even if only a little space, put a minimalist bench for you to sit, relax, enjoy your minimalist home page. Even though it is very small and elongated it can still be made as attractive as possible.

Those were some ideas that you can make an inspiration to make the home page more beautiful for a gathering place or playing family. Make your home page one of the important elements of the house by designing it well.

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