Porch House Design to Inspire Your Comfortable Home

The porch house in the world of architecture has been around since last year and can be found all over the world, one of which is Indonesia. The terrace is a half-open space that is usually the entrance limit of a building. There are those who make the terrace as a compliment, but there is also a terrace design that has more functions than just building complements.

Visiting, the terrace functions more like a space to welcome guests. For a wider size, the terrace can be used as a living room. Many also improve the terrace with a garden or yard so it is comfortable to be a place to relax. For tropical countries like Indonesia, the terrace is usually covered by a roof. But not a few are also open-top terrace design.

porch house

porch house

Then, what porch design is suitable for your home? Check out the following porch designs and determine the most appropriate porch design for your home!

Design of the Portico Porch House

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Portico Porch House

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Portico Model

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Porch House

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Portico porch design is popular in European countries, especially Italy. The design of the terrace of the house, which is also called the porch, is a room before opening the entrance of the building with a pole or column that is relatively large and tall. This concept is found in ancient Greek architecture in temples and imperial buildings.

The classic style of the terrace design of the house in ancient Greek architecture until now is often implemented for classic and Mediterranean style dwellings. Not only does it give an elegant and artistic impression, but the design of the classic portico patio is also considered luxurious for some people. For the design of a spacious portico terrace with tall columns, it is usually equipped with a chandelier, either a crystal chandelier or a chandelier.

Better nothing is placed in the patio area because basically portico only serves as a guest greeter. Only furnishings such as flower vases, whether native or fake plants are usually additional decorations on the portico terrace.

The veranda is the most conventional porch house design. Usually just called terrace. The design of the terrace house terrace is the most comfortable terrace design of traditional terraces of Indonesian architecture such as those in Betawi houses or limas houses.

The terrace design of this house has a level above the ground and a closed roof. The structure of the purchasing hung on the outer wall of the building attached to the main structure. There are several sides that make up the wall, but generally only consists of wall length or fence. The design of a porch that uses a fence is usually also called a veranda or veranda.

The design of the porch the house as it is usually wider than modern portico because the terrace usually also uses the living room or lounge equipped with furniture such as chairs or coffee tables. But do not close the design of the terrace of the house has a small size without any loans.

In the design of a modern home terrace, the cover is not limited to the roof. The use of glass, membranes, or even domes, is very likely implemented on the design of the terrace of this house.


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Porch House

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Deck model for 2 floors

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Deck House

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In non-tropical countries, the design of the porch may not have a lid. Terrace deck design is one example. The deck is a plane floor that is located above the ground surface and is generally made of wood. The deck usually stretches without a cover and also a fence.

The spacious wooden deck can also function as an open space both as a family room and recreation area. Terrace designs like this are also often found in residential villas or resorts.

For tropical countries like Indonesia, home terrace designs like this can still be implemented by replacing wood materials with other materials such as multiplex or other materials that are more resistant to weather.


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The terrace is very suitable to be applied in a villa

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The design of the terrace of the house like this is equipped with a garden and outdoor.

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The terrace is another alternative besides deck for those of you who want an open porch design without a cover. What distinguishes the design of the terrace from the deck is the level of the terrace that is parallel to the surface of the ground and uses both sidewalks of natural stone, concrete, to lightweight bricks as the base.

The design of the terrace of the house like this is equipped with a garden and outdoor. The terrace itself does not have to function like a terrace and can be combined with other terrace designs.

The terrace is very suitable to be applied in a villa or resort that has a large garden area. For tropical countries like Indonesia, terraces are usually equipped with patio chairs that are more resistant to weather in tropical countries.


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Although the balcony is clearly different from the terrace, the balcony and terrace have similarities. In addition to being equally attached to the main building, this second element can be a compliment or have additional functions in the building. The difference is only on the balcony

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