Minimalist Kitchen Decoration That is Instagramable

kitchen decoration can affect the passion for cooking. Limited land is a problem that is often encountered. This requires that we rack our brains to be able to realize the ideal kitchen with existing limitations.

But, don’t despair because the following kitchen decoration is very suitable for land conditions and home style in Indonesia. Also, the designs are eye-catching and far from monotonous.

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Kitchen Blue

Small Beautiful Kitchen Design Around 2x2m

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small kitchen decoration

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Beautiful Kitchen

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Who would have thought that a kitchen measuring about 2 × 2 meters looks neat and even has a minibar? By utilizing all sides, this kitchen still feels roomy.

For example, the use of rails as a place to hang cooking utensils and cabinets to store ingredients or cooking spices.

The use of curtains at the bottom can also be a replacement solution for the cabinet. Besides being easy in making, the price is also cheaper, you know.

To be fresher, the idea of ​​adding pots on a wooden shelf can be tried.

Sweet Black and White Combination

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Black White Design

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mini kitchen

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The diverse decorations break the impression of a flat and boring kitchen.

The beautiful kitchen in black and white presents a different impression than the usual kitchen.

Some ideas that you can “steal” from this kitchen, such as the use of curtains instead of the bottom cabinet, kitchen cabinets, hangers, vector decorations on the refrigerator, and the use of carpets also look attractive.

Small Minimalist Beautiful Kitchen Design

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Green Kitchen

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With the right arrangement, a beautiful minimalist style kitchen can look good. This is supported by a custom kitchen set that can save space, such as a refrigerator with a cabinet at the top.

The simple and simple impression is getting thicker with the use of a soft-close cabinet system without handles.

Alloy brown with white so it looks harmonious supported by wooden kitchen equipment. Areas on the wall can also be storage by using stainless steel rails to hang spoons and other cooking utensils.

Another inspiration, namely the use of planting stoves turned out to make the kitchen look neater and cleaner. Interested in trying?

Beautiful Kitchen, Enchanting Blue Color

kitchen blue decoration

kitchen blue decoration

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Blue kitchen

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Salty egg blue paint refreshes the room. The kitchen set that is used also looks simple with the support of a cooktop. So that the walls do not look plain, you can also add wooden shelves, in addition to storage, wooden shelves can also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Under the Stairs

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Kitchen Under the Stairs

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Small Kitchen Under the Stairs

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If you are looking for a beautiful little kitchen inspiration under the stairs and a natural impression, this kitchen can be an option.

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