Minimalist Garage Design that is Simple and Homey

A garage is a place that is quite important for residential owners who have a vehicle. If it is adjusted to the trend, minimalist garage remains the choice of many people because the concept is simple, not complicated, and modern.

Land limitations also increasingly encourage many people to prefer a minimalist garage model that does not eat place.

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Homey Garage

Minimalist Carport Concept Open Garage

Carport Garage

Carport Garage

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Carport Concept Open Garage

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This minimalist garage design inspiration is perfect for you who have a limited area of ​​the house because this minimalist open carport garage model does not require a lot of space and is very friendly in the bag.

Relying on the remaining land on the outside of the existing home, this minimalist garage prioritizes space with a cover at the top for one unit of your favorite car. To avoid the impression that stuffy, you can make the wall only one side only with wood material. However, on the roof try to use a quality material structure, yes!

Luxurious Minimalist Garage Design

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Minimalist Garage

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Luxurious Minimalist Garage

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In accordance with the minimalist concept of the house, this minimalist garage design is made with a luxurious impression. However, luxury in a minimalist garage is not made with complicated concepts, but still in a simple concept.

To get a look that is still luxurious, add warm lighting to this minimalist garage and use wood material in some parts, such as the hallway stairs, room dividers, and minimalist garage ceilings.

Simple and Homey Minimalist Garage

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Homey garage

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Simple Garage

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If you do not have a special room that can be used as a minimalist garage, you can combine the function of the garage with the available space, such as this one minimalist garage inspiration. In this minimalist garage design, a working studio is seen next to the rest of the room which is used as a minimalist garage to accommodate a small car.

All equipment for work remains present and neatly arranged. Bright pastel colors make this minimalist garage create a homey and fresh impression, as well as a beautiful appearance. This minimalist garage design inspiration still makes you comfortable to work and your favorite car is safe in a minimalist garage. As long as there are no conflicting activities, the minimalist garage function can still be integrated with other room functions without having to feel awkward.

Home Front Land For Minimalist Garage

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Home Front Land For Minimalist Garage

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Home front land

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Having limited space does not mean you can not have a minimalist garage on the dwelling. There are many types of houses that rely on a small plot of land on the outside of the house to be a minimalist garage that remains safe and comfortable. To make it still look beautiful, use ceramic or brightly colored stones. You can also combine it with green grassland to create a natural and fresh impression.

To prevent erratic weather changes, you can still use a car shield from tarpaulin. If you have more budget, just use the canopy roof so that the minimalist garage is more leverage and safe.

Now, after seeing five minimalist garage design inspirations that don’t take up space above, which minimalist garage would you like to use in your home? Don’t forget to always organize your car garage so it is always neat, yes! Good luck

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