How-To Create DIY Rustic Decoration For Your Home

DIY rustic decoration is an idea for making your own home decor with materials available in your home. Home decoration does not need expensive guys, just develop a little imagination and creativity then take some materials and / or goods that some people might think are no longer useful, then you magic and make interesting creations in addition to home decor.

Rustic is an idea that is closely related to the countryside. So rustic decoration is a decoration that depicts items that are easily found in village life. But of course we can combine them with goods that are around us. But usually this rustic decoration looks like shabby.

Are you curious to make this rustic decoration too? Don’t worry, because we really want to inspire you with DIY rustic decoration ideas that are easy for you to make yourself. And with ingredients that are also easy to get in your home, or maybe you have stored in the warehouse.

Here are 4 ways to make DIY rustic decorations for you to make yourself at home.

Make a Candle Holder from a Log

Creative DIY Rustic Candle Decor

Creative DIY Rustic Candle Decor source

Candles are not only provided when the lights go out. But candles can also be used as home decoration because candles can make a room more romantic. However, if you have children, you should be more careful when lighting a candle. To add to the beauty of the atmosphere, you can make a candle holder from a wooden stick by cutting it to the size you want.

Rustic DIY Jar Decoration Ideas

DIY Jar Decoration ideas

DIY Jar Decoration ideas source

If you have an empty Jar bottle or you don’t use it. You can make it as a beautiful wall decoration. You paint the Jar with a unique color and then you stick it on a wooden board and hang it on the wall of your house.

DIY Rustic Shelves Wall Decor

DIY Rustic Home Wall Decor

DIY Rustic Home Wall Decor source

Have a pallet board that isn’t used at home? maybe the second-hand box of goods that you bought in the shop. Do not hurried you throw away because you can make it as a wall decoration. The trick is to make a shelf that you put on the wall of your home room, then if there is still left over, you can make a unique writing on another board and put it on the shelf.

Rustic Wall Candle Holder

Rustic Wall decoration ideas

Rustic Wall decoration ideas source

If at the beginning you can make a place or a candle holder from wooden sticks. This time you can make it from several second-hand boards. But the difference is you put the candle holder on the wall as a wall decoration lamp.

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