5 Best Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom To Be More Beautiful

Decorating a small bedroom is a challenge. Because of the limited space will be a little difficult for us to put goods and decorations in the bedroom. So if you successfully decorate your bedroom, of course it is a matter of pride because you are among those who can overcome all the limitations of space.

And you certainly agree with me if a bedroom is able to present a comfortable atmosphere when you want to sleep peacefully. Because of course the bedroom is one room that is very privacy and only the owner is allowed to enter or unless permitted by the owner.

People always think that only a spacious bedroom can provide comfort. Because a small bedroom will feel crowded with furniture inside. But we want to deny it all, that not always cramped rooms can not provide comfort. A small bedroom can also be made comfortable as long as you know how to decorate it.

In our article this time, we want to inspire you how to make a small bedroom look more beautiful and can give you a sense of comfort so you can sleep well.

5 Best Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom To Be More Beautiful

Using a mirror so that the room looks more spacious

Small Bedroom with a large Mirror

Narrow Bedroom with a large Mirror source ock-cafe.info

The use of mirrors can create the illusion of an eye and the narrow bedroom looks wider. This method is practically very easy because you can buy mirrors easily in various shapes and sizes that you can adjust to your needs.

Dressing table as decoration

Makeup Dressing Table Stool

Makeup Dressing Table Stool source walmart.com

One way to decorate the next narrow bedroom with multifunctional furniture is to use a dressing table. Place a decorative table beside your bed. Put some of your photos on it and give a flower vase. Then your bedroom will look more beautiful than before.

Add floating shelves on the bedroom wall

Astounding Wall Shelves

Astounding Wall Shelves source ideas-forhome.com

Why does the shelf float? because this rack can be placed at the top of the wall and the bottom is filled with other furniture. Some of the right points for laying these floating shelves are on the bed or on the desk.

Hidden Storage Ideas

Bedroom Under Storage

Bedroom Under Storage source wmaproperty.com

Having a small bedroom we have to be smart, especially when you want to store your things. You may not put a cupboard or storage box in your bedroom. Because there really is no place for that. Therefore you must use under the bed as a storage area.

Use a wide window

Small Bedroom With Large Window

Narrow Bedroom With Large Window source kareliya.info

One way to make your bedroom look wider and more beautiful is to use a wide window. Because in addition to this way it can be natural lighting, a wide window will give a visual effect to your room look wider because the eyes are not limited to the bedroom wall.

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