Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Girls Make you Feel at Home

Are you Looking for a girls’ bedroom design? However, at the same time, do you think children need to have their own bedroom when they just wean?

Growth and Development of Children in Vertical Shelter, age 2 years is the right time for children to sleep alone or complete with their parents; a maximum of 5 years old. Why This is a way to educate children to be independent while returning time for parents to get closer to each other again. It was anticipated, parents were ready to sleep. But not a few, parents who have just focused on the design of a child’s bedroom when moving age 2 years.

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Gender differences, different designs. The love of girls and boys is certainly different. Then what kind of girl’s bedroom design is suitable for your baby?

A pleasant space theme or character

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Barbie Cute

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Doraemon Carracter

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Beach feel

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Bedroom character

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Creating a special atmosphere like thematic design can be the first step, designing a comfortable room for children. Know the child’s interests and tastes first so that his room can become a comfort zone when he accepts learning and playing.

Children’s room design inspiration can be seen from the daily lives of children. Outdoor characters can be obtained from themes taken from ancient times and applied to the maximum, for example, the atmosphere of Scandinavia or the beach. In addition, it can also present your child’s favorite cat graphics, for example, the design of a cat-shaped headboard.
Also, pay attention, are there any characters from the movies that he likes? Released apply in one area only or not too much, because in time they will get bored or change tastes.

The colors that make children sleep

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Peach color

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girls’ Bedroom

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Light Color

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It is true, under his conscious mind, children will be more attracted to bright colors and contrasts, such as blue, red, and yellow. However, bright colors that can stimulate this active feeling are more suitable for use in the playroom. Pastel colors can help children calm and relax to “deliver” them to sleep. For pop colors or can be implemented in furniture, beds, or decorations.
The color applied is very supportive of each theme and you can take it from the characters that have been applied. For example, your daughter likes a rainbow or a unicorn, then the wall can use several colors of cats. However, if your daughter is in grade 5, choose they will choose a more neutral color, such as blue, white, or cream.

Double bed design for the long term

In addition to beds, designed beds with extra beds that can be used for caregivers or child friends while staying there. The bed design for the siblings can be tricked by a terraced or loft system. Make sure to design a strong fence, so that the child does not fall. Choose a bed that suits your brother and sister.

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2 Bed

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Cute Bedroom

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Beautiful Bedroom

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Good Furniture

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