9 Inspiring Vintage Home Decor to Restore Memories of The Past

Modern vintage home style is also one of the themes most interested, in addition, because it seems warm vintage style also has many memories.

The combination of vintage designs that remain trendy and modern often has its own aesthetics with high nostalgic value but can still look like a modern house that is all contemporary. Do you want to inspire great modern vintage home designs?

Elegant Vintage

Elegant Vintage

Shades of Pastel Sweet Modern Retro

pastel vintage decoration

pastel vintage decoration

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shades of classic present on the modern vintage home design above in various views. Ranging from classic style furniture, wall wallpapers, to the installation of wall lamps. The order of this vintage house still has a modern atmosphere thanks to the selection of pastel and golden colors that are not boring.

Elegant and full of character

Elegant Vintage decoration

Elegant Vintage decoration

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The study room or home office can also use vintage home design styles like the inspiration above. Present in an elegant mood, the selection of wood material is very important in presenting the old school essence full of character. In addition to using furniture with exclusive velvet material, this room also plays in alias plaid tile patterns, lamp decorations, and solid wood elements.

Private Bed Room Full of Comfort

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modern vintage bedroom

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Antique style furniture can be the main focus of vintage homes, as well as this charming bedroom inspiration. This vintage home bedroom decor style is more suited to the teenage bedroom style, close to the window for maximum lighting and soft color selection.

Modern Mid-Century Style Vintage Home

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Modern mid-century

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Want a vintage style home style retro design in the 1960s? The dining room in this vintage home carries a definition of perfection between old school furniture and luxurious textiles and soft colors. The final touch is the unique dining room lights and has a modern mid-century style.

Installing Bars and Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen and minibar

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Old fashioned vintage home fans will definitely agree with the additional function of the bar in the kitchen cabinet. Besides being able to facilitate dining and leisure activities, the additional bar is also neat in terms of vintage decor that is identical to the lifestyle of the past. Plus a hanging rack model for a beautiful and decent display of glassware.

Unique Vintage Modern Bedroom Style

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vintage modern bedroom

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Modern trends in vintage homes present on this one story style bed inspiration. Low altitude beds are decorated in bright colors that remind us of childhood. The style of the black chandelier is more inclined to modern decoration, plus minimalist furniture that makes this vintage home bedroom look cozy.

Shabby Chic at Vintage Feminine Home

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Shabby Chic

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For the kitchen that is closely related to the role of a housewife, try to apply the romantic and old-fashioned shabby chic style to your vintage home design. Without having to use a large room or complicated design, bring decorations, knick-knacks, and shabby chic colors to a vintage home kitchen that is cheerful, bright, and makes you feel at home!

Ideal Vintage Bathroom

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vintage bathroom

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It comes with a classic old school bathtub, the vintage home bathroom is far from old or dark. Additional small furniture such as small sofas, matching pot decorations, and full-sized mirrors make this private area the most ideal place to relax, cool down, and clean for hours.

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