9 Best Minimalist Bathroom Designs that Will Leave You Spellbound

At present, there are many minimalist bathroom models to choose from, including luxury minimalist bathrooms, classic minimalist bathrooms, contemporary minimalist bathrooms and others.

Minimalist interior decoration adheres to the principle of simple spatial where the amount of furniture, accessories, and decoration is not too much. Therefore, the interior with a design always looks free and offers maximum comfort for you.

Another element that characterizes minimalist home interior decor is the choice of colors and accents. Neutral colors like gray and white are often the main colors in a minimalist room. This aims to create a simple impression by not making the room stand out.

Minimalist Industrial Bathroom

Minimalist Industrial Bathroom

But do not worry, a small bathroom will not prevent you from being able to display a charming and beautiful impression.

So that the bathroom remains comfortable to use, make sure the decoration and interior used is a minimalist design, because it does not add to the impression of cramps and tightness. The use of a toilet seat can be applied as the interior of your bathroom. A shower box can also save space in your bathroom.

Here are some minimalist bathroom designs that will leave you spellbound

1. Minimalist Monochrome Bathroom

You who do not like complicated and only have a narrow space for the bathroom area can try to apply this style. Make your bathroom look attractive and not monotonous. You can also add ornamental plants in the corner of the room as a sweetener.

Bathroom Shower Ideas

Bathroom Shower Ideas – source: amplifiermountain.org

Minimalist Monochrome Bathroom

Minimalist Monochrome Bathroom – source: pinterest.ie

Monochrome Minimalist Bathroom

Monochrome Bathroom Minimalism – source: decorist.com

2. Add Wood Elements

The use of wood material, both in the sink and ceiling, makes this bathroom not stiff.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

Minimalist Bathroom with Wood Elements

Minimalist Bathroom with Wood Elements – source: pinterest.com.au

Wood Minimalist Bathroom

Wood Minimalist Bathroom – source: moto-przemysl.info

3. Minimalist Industrial Bathroom

To add to the impression of industry, you can use pipes, decorative lights, and mirrors with a thick black touch in your bathroom.

Industrial Bathroom with Minimalist Shades

Industrial Bathroom with Minimalist Shades – source: homedesignboard.com

Minimalist Industrial Bathroom

Minimalist Industrial Bathroom – source: pinterest.se

Small Minimalist Industrial Bathroom

Small Minimalist Industrial Bathroom – source: archeonauteonlus.com

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