9 Awesome Small Living Room Designs to Inspire You

The living room is one of the most important parts or elements of a house. Not only related to its function as a room to receive guests, but also because this space is usually the first area that we access every time we enter the house.

A warm and comfortable living room but also beautiful in its arrangement will certainly be the dream of the current householder. Then what if you only have a small living room?

Don’t worry, we have some neat designs for you who have the desire to decorate a small living room!

Attractive Small Living Room

Attractive Small Living Room

1. Install a mirror to give a broad impression

Are you familiar with the concept of installing mirrors in restaurants and coffee shops around you? Yes, the trick to using a mirror to give the impression of large spaces is not something new. Well, in our opinion this concept is suitable for you who have a small living room.

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Apartment Living Room Ideas – source: jodyvb.com

Small Living Room Designs

Small Living Room Designs – source: vankkids.com

Small Living Room with Mirror

Small Living Room with Mirror – source: evakuatorspb.com

2. Pastel & neutral colors for small living rooms

Choice of paint colors for the size of a small living room was very influential you know. According to our observations, the small living room is not very suitable when paired with bold colors. Be careful, do not let you make mistakes that are usually done when arranging a small living room. Instead the use of colors such as white, beige, and light gray in a small living room can actually create the impression of a room that is relieved, comfortable, and warm.

Attractive Small Living Room

Attractive Small Living Room – source: ppukm.ukm.my

Best Affordable Living Room

Best Affordable Living Room – source: farshonline.com

Small Living Room

Small Living Room – source: patternsandroprosecco.com

3. layout of furniture and details of the room

In terms of house arrangement, every detail becomes very meaningful. The wrong arrangement of furniture can actually make your small living room more petite and closed. Our advice, do not stick your furniture to the wall area. Try to make a distance between furniture and walls in your small living room.

Awesome Small Living Room

Awesome Small Living Room – source: knittystash.com

Best Small Living Room Sofas

Best Small Living Room Sofas – source: ambraehouse.com

Stylish Small Living Room Ideas

Stylish Small Living Room Ideas – source: amazadesign.com

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