8 The Inspiration of The Living Room For a Glamorous and Majestic Appearance

the living room is a place where the first impression of a guest towards the shape of a house. Maximizing the look of the living room is something that should be prioritized when designing a home. If you want to build a room with an amazing display, try to apply a luxurious living room design. The living room with this one concept exudes a glamorous and majestic look.

Also, it takes the high taste to create a luxurious guest house but far from the tacky impression. If you want to give a touch of luxury to your living room, check out some of the following design inspiration:

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Glamour Living Room

  1. Look Modern with Unusual Design

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    unusual design

    image source

The modern living room is very much loved by most people. However, not all modern designs have a view as cool as this one living room.

The concept that not only emphasizes visual but also functions is a sexy look for a living room.

  1. Glass walls that open the horizon

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    Glass walls that open the horizon

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Don’t waste the view you have at home. This one design succeeded in maximizing the potential view of the house by installing a glass wall right in front of the living room.

  1. Maximizing High Ceilings

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    Maximizing High Ceilings

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If your house is designed with a high ceiling, take advantage of this to create a bookshelf soaring upward.

Besides looking glamorous, the furniture can also function as part of a decoration that can enhance a room.

  1. Boiserie Wall Decoration

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    Boiserie Wall

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    Boiserie Wall Decoration

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The classic luxury living room will never be timeless. Its appearance is full of character can show the personality of its owner.

Also, the belle of this luxurious living room design is the boiserie wall that manages to be a differentiator.

  1. Minimalist style that is never boring

    minimlist living room

    minimalist living room

    image source

Speaking of versatile, the minimalist concept is a design that you can use to display a simple or luxurious atmosphere.

This modern minimalist luxury living room is one example of how simplicity can radiate luxury by itself.

However, only genius architects, you know, can provide an atmosphere like this in a minimalist living room.


  1. Generate a Glamorous Atmosphere with Hanging Lights

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    Glamour light

    image source

Creating an incomplete glamorous atmosphere without a sparkling chandelier!

Just look at this one design. Both of them managed to become awesome focal points, right?

  1. Light Purple and Charcoal Gray Living Room

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    Generate a Glamorous Atmosphere with Hanging Lights

    image source

Want to make a beautiful living room but still radiate luxury? No problem.

Playing with light purple and charcoal gray is a safe choice that you can easily apply!

  1. Corner of the Room that Makes You Fall

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    classic style furniture with city view in living room

    image source

Have a corner of the room with an amazing view?

Select the room to add to the attraction in your living room!

The combination of modern style furniture with a city view is the best “recipe” to create an elegant living room.

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