8 Minimalist Garden Ideas for Narrow Land

Given the increasingly expensive land prices, the garden seems to have become a rare item in every home. In fact, the park plays an important role, namely as a supporter of green land which not only provides a balance of the environment around the house but also adds to the aesthetic value of your home.

Based on its location, there are usually three types of parks around the home area, namely the front garden, side garden, and rear garden. Not every house has a garden in every corner, depending on how large your land is. However, at least you need to have one of these types of parks so that the house does not seem barren.

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Outdoor Garden

If you have a very limited land area, you should not make it an excuse to ignore the green space in the house. Garden size doesn’t matter as long as you know how to outsmart it. You can use the pot, build a vertical garden, or an indoor park. If you want to build a garden in a narrow house, here are some inspirations for small garden design on the back or side of the house:


  1. Vertical garden with hanging chairs

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    Vertical garden with hanging chairs

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If in general the park is made horizontally above the surface of the land, the vertical garden is actually planted vertically up so that it does not require a large area of ​​land to own it.


  1. Vertical Garden with White Coral Stone

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    Vertical Garden with White Coral Stone

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Vertical garden not only contains a collection of pots arranged vertically on an iron rack. You can make it with a different look and add decorations like white coral.


  1. Dry Garden with Gravel

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Dry Garden with Gravel

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Because of limited land, you can build a dry garden next to the house. Because using the dry concept, you don’t need a lot of soil, and plants can also be planted in pots.

  1. Small Garden Side the House Wall

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    Small Garden side the House Wall

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Instead of leaving the walls of your house looking empty, you can build a garden near an empty wall to make it look more attractive.

  1. Super Minimalist Garden Back House

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back home

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If you don’t want a garden that is too lush or has a lot of plants, you can simply plant a backyard with grass and one tree. Although it looks very minimalist, the house looks fresher.

  1. Indoor Garden Beside the House

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    indoor garden

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If you have an indoor area with a semi-closed roof, you can turn it into an indoor garden. Simply plant a few trees there, then the air inside your house will feel cooler.

  1. Park Outside the Side of the House

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    outdoor garden

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The side yard can be a link between the front and the back of the house. For easier access, you can make a path in the form of cement with the edge planted with several types of plants and grass.

  1. Side Garden with Exposed Brick Wall

    Container Houses with Backyard

    garden Houses

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Both the side garden and back garden, they will look normal if only planted with various types of plants without regard to garden decoration. You can add decoration in the form of exposed brick walls if your garden is limited by the walls of a neighbor’s house.

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