8 Cool Rooftop Garden Ideas For Relaxing With Family

Do you have a roof? You can use the area as a cool green rooftop garden. Located on the rooftop, you and your family can certainly enjoy the green garden while you have a view of the sky and tall buildings.

For inspiration, here we present 8 rooftop garden designs.

  1. Soothing to the house

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    The garden on this rooftop is very simple

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Even though it looks simple, the rooftop garden design is able to bring a green impression to the house. In fact, when the rooftop door is opened, the cool breeze from the park can go down and cool the entire space in the house.

  1. Rooftop garden with sitting chairs

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    Rooftop garden with sitting chairs

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Parks for some people have fungi as a relaxing space. That is why the design of this rooftop garden not only contains trees and plants but also chairs and tables. When the afternoon arrives, homeowners can sit and enjoy the cool breeze and views of the city in this rooftop garden.

  1. The rooftop garden is full of fruit and vegetable plants

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    rooftop garden vegetable plants

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No need for a large field to grow fruit and vegetable crops. Rooftop garden design ideas can be inspirational. Papaya and banana trees are present in this rooftop garden. Not to mention, with other plants in small pots. Gardening at home becomes exciting with this rooftop garden.

  1. Dinner at the rooftop

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    Dinner at the rooftop garden

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Usually the family will gather in full we have dinner to arrive. Make dinner with the family more lively with a rooftop.

  1. Chat casually in the gazebo

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    Gazebo in the rooftop

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The gazebo is one way to add a touch of hardscaping to the rooftop garden design. You who have limited land of course often experience difficulties when wanting to talk with family in a relaxed atmosphere. Well, adding a gazebo on the rooftop garden is the answer for you.

  1. Hidden Lighting in a rooftop garden

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    Hidden Lighting in a rooftop garden

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A garden without light would be a waste. Lighting is an additional factor that is quite important to be presented in the park. Thanks to the light, the garden can be more beautiful and romantic at the same time. Like in this rooftop garden where the light is made in “hidden” and with the choice of yellow. This idea adds to the ambiance of a warmer and more romantic garden.

  1. There is an area for cooking

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    Barbeque area

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The existence of an “impromptu kitchen” in the rooftop garden becomes happiness for mothers. Because every day cooking in a kitchen surrounded by walls can make someone experience a saturation point. With a new atmosphere of cooking in outdoor areas such as in the park can make cooking more exciting.

  1. Relax in a swinging chair

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    Relax in the swinging chair

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The garden will always be the most pleasant area to relax in. In addition to the gazebo, you can also relax in the garden in an easier way, namely by inserting a swinging chair. Swing chairs like on the beach is a powerful tool to enjoy the cool garden breeze and beautiful evening sky.

Those are some inspiration to make a rooftop garden design, how interested are you in making it?

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