8 Awesome Minimalist Home Designs that You Easily Emulate

The word minimalist house is now increasingly being heard and chosen by the community as the design of his house. This term is often read or buzzed in the mass media to designate a building that is considered to apply architectural / interior styles or trends at this time. The goal is to be able to get the impression of a house or building that is designed in a new, modern and tasteful style.

The characteristics of a minimalist home are to use concrete, follow the basic form (in the form of a box), plain or without ornamentation, and use a maximum of two combinations of materials.

In minimalist architecture usually ‘throw’ everything into something to achieve the essence of the value of simplicity, but has a very high quality value. The details are neat, precise, honest, and do not make it visible in all parts of the building and space.

Minimal and chique home

Minimal and chique home

Many people think that minimalist style was born in the last 10 years. When examined by those who understand better, it turns out it’s not a minimalist style, let alone modern. But sometimes there are American Classic, Art Deco and even other touches of flow.

For those of you who want a minimalist home but are confused about determining the budget. Do not worry, because the house can be made to grow. See the following ideas!

1. Minimalist Garden for House Freshness

The choice between a dry garden or a wet garden at home can be determined from the owner’s habits and the area they have. If you’re the type of person who likes gardening or farming, a wet garden with grass can be a sanctuary in itself. Watering and “talking to” plants is believed to increase oxygen intake.

Indoor Minimalist Garden

Indoor Minimalist Garden – source: archdaily.com

Minimalist Garden Design ideas

Minimalist Garden Design ideas – source: favland.org

2. Simple Decoration

More or less, maybe this approach is familiar to you, especially if it is associated with home decorating and interior ideas that take a minimalist theme. Apart from the soothing nuance thanks to not much furniture filling the room, you don’t need to invest more in the various types of instruments that you must have.

Living Room Interior

Living Room Interior – source: homedit.com

Small Minimalist Interior

Small Minimalist Interior – source: pinterest.co.uk

3. Minimalist Home Color Paint

Minimalist home design until now is still able to steal the attention of many people. Concepts that maximize space and monochromatic color choices applied to housing make minimalist homes easy to decorate. The theory is a minimalist home using monochrome colored wall paint.

Black paint Monochrome ideas

Black paint Monochrome ideas – source: pinterest.ru

Minimal and chique home

Minimal and chique home – source: cocolapinedesign.com

4. Quality Natural Lighting

For a minimalist family room style, the role of lighting is very important. especially to make the atmosphere of the family room feel more comfortable and relaxed. Sources of natural and artificial light are equally important to note for their influence to produce a comfortable minimalist home design.

Minimalist Home Decorating ideas

Minimalist Home Decorating ideas – source: theurbaninterior.co

Minimalist Interior Style

Minimalist Interior Style – source: pinterest.at

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