7 Trends in the Latest Popular Architecture

In designing and deciding the architectural style of a house, in addition to the personal preferences of the owner and also the state of the environment, another factor that is often considered is the architectural trend that was popular at the time.

Speaking of architectural trends, one aspect of architecture that often escapes these observations often changes and also develops along with the development of existing technologies and architectural styles. To take a closer look at architectural trends, here are 7 reviews of architectural trends that are popular and are beginning to be sought after by architects and also fans of the world of architecture!

Best Architectural Design

Best Architectural Design

1. A trend of Futuristic Architecture

The distinctive feature of futuristic architecture that he is popular with is the absence of angles, basic colors (which tend to be white and colorless) and also dynamic forms that are far from conventional words. This makes many futuristic architectural works a landmark or icon of the area where it was built.

1 Trend of Futuristic Architecture

A trend of Futuristic Architecture – Source: ftechcom.blogspotcom

Although it is more commonly applied to large-scale commercial buildings, futuristic architecture is now slowly beginning to be seen as one of the architectural styles that can be a choice of residential architectural design. Starting many houses that come with bolder architecture and futuristic forms show that this one architectural trend is beginning to be in demand.

2. Retro and Vintage Architectural Trend

The old school concept is very popular in various fields, from music to film. The world of architecture doesn’t miss the impact of throwback fever on various things that smell retro and vintage. Even though it has an old-fashioned impression, the retro and vintage-style architectural trends have been popularized again by the millennial generation, which is actually still young.

2 Retro and Vintage Architectural Trend

Retro and Vintage Architectural Trend – Source: coastalliving.com

Apart from the vintage design itself, retro and vintage materials such as terracotta ceramic tiles and various vintage-style teak furniture and furniture have now skyrocketed its popularity because it is considered to be very Instagramable for young people.

3. Industrial architecture is still a favorite

There must be many who already feel familiar with this one architectural style, considering that industrial architecture is in great demand in recent years. Although initially many were applied to more public commercial spaces, industrial architectural trends began to be considered to be applied to residential architecture. For example, in the interior design of the bedroom.

3 Industrial architecture is still a favorite

Industrial architecture is still a favorite – Source: pinterest.com

One sign that this architectural trend is still in demand is the emergence of conventional products with more industrial variants such as ceramics with concrete textures to decorative pipes to complement the appearance of industrial architecture.

4. A trend of the All-Black Architecture began to glance

Speaking of architectural trends, we can also talk about color. Every decade, the application of colors that are considered aesthetic in home design is always changing and follows the existing architectural trends.

4 A trend of the All Black Architecture began to glance

A trend of the All-Black Architecture began to glance – Source: pinterest.com

For a trend that is a quite striking color that stole the attention of recent years is the style of architecture that applies full black color or dominated by dark colors. For example, the interior of the house is all black. Who would have thought, this color that is often considered unusual even gives the impression of being elegant and trendy at home!

5. Back to Nature Concept and Green Architecture

Although not a new architectural trend, along with the rise of environmental issues as well as global warming, the concept of architecture that blends with nature again becomes a concern and interest.

5 Back to Nature Concept and Green Architecture

Back to Nature Concept and Green Architecture – Source: pinterest.com

Starting from the use of environmentally friendly materials to architectural systems that utilize renewable natural resources are increasingly being applied to homes. The housing built must reflect the characteristics of environmentally friendly homes.

6. Thematic Architecture

Studying various architectural trends before, some things that can be drawn as a conclusion are how dare the architects to process the architecture of a residential house.

6 Thematic Architecture

Thematic Architecture – Source: farrells.com

The same thing is reflected in this one architectural trend, namely thematic architecture. What is meant by thematic architecture is the application of a theme in total to architectural design?

7. Modern and minimalist architecture is still a safe choice

For some people who might still not be comfortable enough out of the “red line”, modern and minimalist architectural styles are still the most popular safe choice. Geometric shapes, monochrome colors combined with contrasting colors, to minimal decorative elements are modern minimalist architectural trends that have long been followed by many people.

7 Modern and minimalist architecture is still a safe choice

Modern and minimalist architecture is still a safe choice – Source: bonestructure.ca

An application that is simpler, easier, and less budget makes this architectural style a favorite choice that is difficult to replace. No wonder modern architecture and minimalist home architectural style will still enliven architectural trends for at least the next decade.

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