7 Fabulous Balcony Design Ideas for Small Homes

The balcony is one part of the house that is owned if your house has two floors. But sometimes the balcony is often forgotten. In fact, this place can be transformed into a comfortable place.

No matter how big the balcony or terrace is on the top floor, you can always make it look good! Even the narrowest places in the house can be an important part of the house.

Besides being able to relax, you can also do various activities here, such as reading books, dinner, to receive guests.

Apartment balcony Design ideas

Apartment balcony Design ideas

Well, if you want to design your balcony, these 10 designs can be a source of inspiration!

1. Decorative small lights will be a comfortable place to be alone and read a book.

Balcony decoration

Balcony decoration – source: tuintuin.nl

2. In order to be a good place to relax, you can hang this hammock on your small balcony.

Small Balcony with hammock

Small Balcony with hammock – source: lviewer.com

3. If you have a rather large balcony, you can make a lounge complete with chairs, tables, and carpets. Besides hanging out, you can also chat with guests here.

Balcony Furniture

Balcony Furniture – source: pinterest.ru

4. Carpets, pillow cushions, Middle Eastern-style lamps can make your balcony one of the most sought-after places.

Small balcony ideas

Small balcony ideas – source: naturaltufa.com

5. Don’t forget to also place various greenery around the balcony.

Small balcony Garden

Small balcony Garden – source: sg.news.yahoo.com

6. A sofa in the corner of the balcony can be a place to relax. Also, complete with a table and 2 chairs so that it can be used for lunch.

Apartment balcony Design ideas

Apartment balcony Design ideas – source: pinterest.ru

7. Although small, but your balcony can be a romantic dinner place. Try this idea!

romantic dinner place small balcony

romantic dinner place small balcony – source: done-data.onedio.com

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