7 Best DIY Decoration Ideas To Make Your Home More Charming

Are you thinking of beautifying your own home? Making the room look more beautiful does not always depend on furniture. You can make home decoration creations.

Making a home decoration also does not have to use new items, but can use old items that are not used. Here are 10 homemade creative home decorations that you can try!

Decorative Plant Pots

Decorative Plant Pots

1. Repairing Old Furniture with Decoupage Technique

What is decoupage? Decoupage is a type of craft originating in France. Decoupage is a technique of attaching patterned paper, cloth, and tissue to an object which is then added to the color paint technique for special effects. You can apply this technique to home furniture that is outdated and rarely used. And as a result, your goods will look new and have an aesthetic feel.

Repair Old Furniture with Decoupage Technique

Repair Old Furniture with Decoupage Technique – source: livediyideas.com

2. Scaly Wall in the Bedroom

Your bedroom wall can display scales. You can make these home decorations from wood plywood, washi adhesive tapes, and gold-colored markers.

First, make patterns on cardboard or cardboard. Make 2 scales, large and small. Small scale scales made with plywood to be installed. Then draw the pattern using the scales printed on the wall with gold markers. After the drawing is finished, place the side of the plywood in the pattern according to the walls of the room.

Scaly Walls in the Bedroom

Scaly Walls in the Bedroom – source: classyclutter.net

3. Decorate the House with Flowers on a Table Lamp

Living room table lamps usually look plain, when you are bored with the color of the lampshade, just try to make one home decoration on this one! Enough with linen and hot glue. First, cut the fabric into a ribbon, then make a ribbon to form a circle like the shape of a flower petal. Finally, glue the results with glue. Close your desk lamp immediately to be decorated with beautiful flowers.

LED Rose Flower table lamp

LED Rose Flower table lamp – source: aliexpress.com

4. Paint Your Dining Table with Ombre Napkins

How to make the home decoration is quite simple and fast. Prepare a white napkin as the main ingredient. You can use a used white napkin that has yellowed. Then dissolve the coloring clothes in a small container. Paint the napkin from the bottom by dipping it. When the color begins to absorb into the fabric, add a little water to the dye so the color is not too bright. Continue to half the napkin. Then dry the napkin for one night. If it’s dry, your napkin just needs to be ironed.

Paint Your Dining Table with Ombre Napkins

Paint Your Dining Table with Ombre Napkins – source: thegorgeouslist.co

5. Vintage-style Suitcase Drawer

You can use a suitcase that you no longer use or buy an old suitcase from the used goods market. The trick, prepare plywood and cut according to the basic shape of the suitcase. Then, attach the table leg connector to the bottom of the suitcase. Connect the table legs to the connecting plate in the suitcase.

Vintage style suitcase drawer

Vintage style suitcase drawer – source: pinterest.ru

6. Beautiful House Ornaments with Potted Plants

Love plants and want to make a garden at home, but afraid that the house will fall apart? The solution is simple, just use ornamental plants in a glass or small pot! Use a container with an acrylic lid, cover the inside of the container with white paint and the lip of the container with adhesive to prevent leakage. Then. Cut a part of the acrylic cover. Finally, put small stones, grass, and small cactus into the container.

Decorative Plant Pots

Decorative Plant Pots – source: in.pinterest.com

7. Jars Become Functional Home Decorations

So that stationery is not scattered after use, rely on this home decor. Use a jar with an iron lid. Just close the jar and leave a small portion to close the jar again. Paint the jar with your favorite color. You can also decorate the jar by attaching small ornaments around the jar.

Jars Become Functional Home Decorations

Jars Become Functional Home Decorations – source: gottalovediy.com

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