12 Beautiful Indoor Garden Designs for Your Family’s Fun

Who says a small house can’t have a garden? In fact, an indoor garden can be applied to a small house you know. In the hands of creative people, everything is possible. As long as you can mix and match unique and interesting things, even a small house can be sweet home for us.

It is very difficult to get a large plot of land for a park, especially in urban areas. Let alone parks, other functional spaces are often not well planned because of the narrow land. Therefore, one concept of a garden at home can be used as a solution.

In every available space, you can design it into a garden. The design can be placed vertically in the pot. Placement of a proportional traditional pot can produce a beautiful garden.

beautiful indoor house plants

beautiful indoor house plants

Then how do you plan an indoor park? The following is the idea of ​​a garden in the house (indoor).

1. Hanging plants in the backyard

Have limited land? Do not hesitate to install hanging plants. In addition to saving space, creating hanging plants can also be a strategy to cover space that is not used you know. Oh yes, you don’t have to install native plants. Synthetic plants can also be a solution for those of you who don’t really like being dirty when watered. Besides hanging, synthetic plants or native plants can also be mounted on the wall by adding planks. For this plant, various types of cactus or other ornamental plants can be displayed here.

backyard patio hanging plants

backyard patio hanging plants – source: www.pinterest.ru

Backyard Indoor Garden Designs

Backyard Indoor Garden Designs – source: www.pinterest.pt

Hanging plants in the backyard

Hanging plants in the backyard – source: tr.pinterest.com

Irresistible Indoor Garden Designs

Irresistible Indoor Garden Designs – source: gardendiyideas.com

2. Free the incoming light

You certainly don’t want to spend your electricity token to turn on the lights during the day. However, you need enough lighting for the room in your home. Using a canopy cover made of polycarbonate might be a solution. Light can freely enter the room of your house. Thus, you do not need to spend money to pay for electricity usage during the day.

American style Indoor Gardens

American style Indoor Gardens – source: www.100interiordesign.com

hydroponic herb indoor garden

hydroponic herb indoor garden – source: petsdb.info

Indoor Gardening with Hydroponics

Indoor Gardening with Hydroponics – source: zugardens.com

Vibrant Small Indoor Gardens

Vibrant Small Indoor Gardens – source: topinspirations.com

3. Add vines to make it more natural

Add synthetic vines to your canopy. In addition to reducing the heat of the sun during the day, synthetic vines will also give a beautiful impression in your home.

beautiful indoor house plants

beautiful indoor house plants – source: pinterest.ca

Good DIY Indoor Garden Ideas

Good DIY Indoor Garden Ideas – source: gallyroom.com

Indoor Plant Wall Decor ideas

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas – source: pinterest.com.mx

Vines Indoor Plant Ideas

Vines Indoor Plant Ideas – source: mykinglist.com

Similarly, some garden decoration for your little house. Interested?

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