9 Amazing Contemporary Home Architecture Designs That Will Make You Inspired

Contemporary architecture refers to the current style of the building. In the field of architecture, contemporary and modern do not have the same meaning. Modern refers to a modernist architecture that existed in the early to mid 20th century. Contemporary is basically a design style that is current or being produced.

Contemporary is dynamic and not bound by an era. On the contrary, modern-day basically signifies an era after traditional or pre-industrial eras. Contemporary design showcases a newer style.

Contemporary architecture is not an architectural movement, such as Baroque, Futurism, or Modernism, which is always associated with certain historical periods. This means that contemporary architecture can offer a variety of architectural choices, which stand alone and do not follow what is usually done.

Contemporary House Window Ideas

Contemporary House Window Ideas

However, many variations made from contemporary architecture do not eliminate the common features that exist from contemporary architecture. So as not to be curious, see some contemporary home architecture designs that will make you inspired to have it.

1. Building Form

We can see and observe that the dominant element in architecture is a straight line. Contemporary architecture tends to move away from this habit by using curved lines more often. In some cases, buildings are completely designed with curved lines. In another example, some are designed by combining curved lines and straight lines.

Architecture building Design

Architecture Building Design – source: pinterest.ch

Contemporary Architecture Designs

Contemporary Architecture Designs – source: cutithai.com

Contemporary Building Form

Contemporary Building Form – source: www.ecoprefab.eu

2. Space Composition

The use of curved lines also allows the creation of other forms of space beside the cube. In contemporary architecture, people see buildings in a round shape. When contemporary architecture uses straight lines, a more unique composition of space will be created. The composition of this space allows the creation of more lively interior spaces with an unusual spatial layout. If you like something unusual, contemporary architecture is a great choice for you.

Contemporary Architecture Interior

Contemporary Architecture Interior – source: room-design.net

Contemporary Architecture Space Composition

Contemporary Architecture Space Composition – source: twitter.com

Contemporary House Interior view

Contemporary House Interior view – source: yandex.com

3. Window

Larger and more windows are also a feature of contemporary architecture. The window is usually placed in a unique position. If you like natural light and lake scenery, contemporary architecture can be a choice. However, if you are very worried about privacy and plan to build a house in an urban area where there are neighbors nearby, keep in mind the placement of the window.

Contemporary Architecture Houses

Contemporary Architecture Houses – source: homedsgn.com

Contemporary Architecture Window Models

Contemporary Architecture Window Models – source: laosa.org

Contemporary House Window Ideas

Contemporary House Window Ideas – source: materialicious.com

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