10 Minimalist and Practical Small Garden Designs for You to Try

Gardening hobbies at home can only be done by those who have large yards. Ah, that’s just a myth, friend! This activity is intended for anyone, including those who have a house with a small land though.

Even though the yard is now getting narrow, many people want their house to stay green so that it remains fresh and comfortable to rest after a day of activities.

To make a narrow area at home green, need a few tips, including choosing the right type of plants to be planted in the yard such as vegetables, fruits or small trees.

Garden Metal Planters

Garden Metal Planters

Apart from the types of plants, you can also design a minimalist garden such as making a vertical garden or other means.

The following are some small garden designs for narrow land that can be used as a reference so that the house remains green:

1. Create a mini-garden next to the house

We can make rectangular planting media with bricks that are given soil next to the house, then plant them with several types of plants to refresh the house.

Courtyards Minimalist garden

Courtyards Minimalist garden – source: pinterest.ru

Small Space Garden Design

Small Space Garden Design – source: idezukka.online

2. Plant in a pot

Planting pots may have become a common way to make a house green, but this idea will never be boring.

Garden Metal Planters

Garden Metal Planters – source: www.brickandbatten.com

Home Garden Plant

Home Garden Plant – source: outdoorceramicpots.wordpress.com

3. Arrange Plants

Making a wooden crib into a garden is a good idea. We can plant it with various types of home plants.

Modern small Garden Design

Modern Small Garden Design – source: designrumahminimalismu.blogspot.com

Simple Garden Design ideas

Simple Garden Design Ideas – source: homify.sg

4. Hanging plants

The pot that we planted can also be hung on the front porch of the house to minimize space.

Hanging Flower Pot Creative

Hanging Flower Pot Creative – source: soft.bashny.net

Ideas for Plant Pot Design

Ideas for Plant Pot Design – source: pinterest.pt

5. Vines

We can also arrange curved bamboo upwards, then we plant with vines.

A vines garden apartment

A vines garden apartment – source: hedge.co.nz

Vines Garden Ideas

Vines Garden Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

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