10 Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Designs for More Efficient Cooking

If the living room is likened to the face at home, then the kitchen is the heart. Yes, the state of the kitchen in a house shows how the personality of the people who occupy it. Even though this cannot be used as a benchmark, we still need to pay attention to our minimalist kitchen model.

By designing the best minimalist interior space, space that is not too broad can be arranged so that it looks wider, neater, comfortable, and attractive.

Kitchen Prep Table With Drawers

Kitchen Prep Table With Drawers

Look at some interesting examples of a minimalist design that is fun and comfortable.

1. Colorful Kitchen

Use colors other than white in other parts that can easily splash with cooked food. The color combination also affects the beauty of your kitchen.

Awesome Color Combinations For Kitchen

Awesome Color Combinations For Kitchen – source: iviuniverse.com

Beautiful Galley Kitchen Designs

Beautiful Galley Kitchen Designs – source: benimmulku.com

Beautiful Kitchens To Inspire Your Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchens To Inspire Your Kitchen – source: homedit.com

2. Maximize Kitchen Island in the Kitchen

Unifying the function of the island kitchen with a dining table. Besides being simple, you don’t need to bother bringing food to the dining room! Just eat at the kitchen table.

Kitchen Island Decor

Kitchen Island Decor – source: seattletimes.com

white kitchens with islands

white kitchens with islands – source: vuexmo.info

3. Extra Lighting

One problem that often occurs in the kitchen is the lack of lighting. Not surprisingly, the kitchen feels narrower. For this reason, lighting and the right paint color will be very helpful.

Blue Grey Kitchen

Blue Grey Kitchen – source: hotelresidencia.com

Kitchen Extra Lighting

Kitchen Extra Lighting – source: mochahomes.com

Kitchen Prep Table With Drawers

Kitchen Prep Table With Drawers – source: affili.pw

4. Black Brick Patterned Kitchen

The interior design in the form of black brick-patterned walls is a solution to make the kitchen look slicker and does not add to the impression of tightness.

Black Brick Patterned Kitchen

Black Brick Patterned Kitchen – source: thecassinagroup.com

Wonderfull Tile Kitchen Modern

Wonderfull Tile Kitchen Modern – source: jimbot.info

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