12 Enchanting Indoor Plants To Bring A Fresh Living Room

The topic discussed this time is the living room. The living room is a room where all families will gather in this room whether it is a family event or not.

Indeed, the living room must have a very beautiful design and decoration so that when you gather with your family it feels more pleasant. With a good design, the living room becomes more attractive. But there is one thing that will make the living room more beautiful by presenting plants in the living room.

pink artificial flowers

pink artificial flowers

The idea of ​​plants in the living room will make the living room fresher than usual. Not only that, but plants can also make the living room more natural. For those of you who want plants in the living room, we will provide some plants that are very suitable to be applied in the living room.

1. Peaceful Lily

Peace Lily is an ornamental plant that can bloom indoors. Not only that, this ornamental plant is strong in filtering formaldehyde, and also benzene and certain VOC substances released from paints or cleaning products. This plant can also grow well despite lack of light.

Beautiful Shade Loving Plants

Beautiful Shade Loving Plants – source: homesfeed.com

peace lily arrangement

peace lily arrangement – source: everythingbackyard.net

2. Orchid Flowers

Beautiful to be placed in the living room of the house. However, maintenance is quite difficult and troublesome. This orchid can clean the air at night. Orchids can breathe and release oxygen at night so the atmosphere of the room becomes fresh.

artificial flowers or plants

artificial flowers or plants – source: tipsandcrafts.com

Fresh Flower Vase

Fresh Flower Vase – source: savvynetwork.org

pink artificial flowers

pink artificial flowers – source: homedepot.com

3. Gerbera Daisy

This flowering plant is very beautiful and bright, at first glance shaped like a sunflower. His ability as an air filter maker is also very good because it can absorb trichloroethylene in the air, which is produced from your washing soap.

Gerbera Daisy Plant Gardening

Gerbera Daisy Plant Gardening – source: in.pinterest.com

Gerbera Daisy Silk Flower Stems

Gerbera Daisy Silk Flower Stems – source: petals.com

4. Azalea Plants

Indoor ornamental plants are very good for growing air filters because they can fight formalin in the air produced from wood on your home furniture. But caring for plants is actually quite difficult.

Azalea indoor

Azalea indoor – source: gardening-forums.com

5. Anthurium Plants

Anthurium is an ornamental plant in a very beautiful room and the flowers are also very exotic. not only that, the beautiful, dark and large leaf shape can filter out ammonia, formalin, toluene, and xylene.

Anthurium Flowers That Amaze

Anthurium Flowers That Amaze – source: gorge.net.au

Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant – source: bharathariyali.com

6. Lavender Flowers

This plant is familiar to you. Although it lacks the ability to become an air purifier factory, Lavender can actually repel insects, especially mosquitoes.

Lavender Artificial Flowers

Lavender Artificial Flowers – source: solidrop.net

lavender plants artificial flowers

lavender plants artificial flowers – source: aliexpress.com

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