6 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for You Who Are Creative

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, of course, we have started decorating homes with Christmas decorations with distinctive ornaments. Did you know that at this time you can make your own Christmas decorations, so you don’t need to buy them outside.

The house is reorganized with Christmas decorations to display a new atmosphere, especially a very lively Christmas atmosphere.

There are many, many ways to bring beautiful Christmas decorations to your home. Not only find a variety of Christmas decorations in the store, you can also try making your own DIY Christmas decorations, you know!

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Interested in trying? There are 6 Christmas decorations that you can make yourself easily.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Creative

1. The face of a wildebeest

Fashion Christmas Snowman

Fashion Christmas Snowman – source: imall.com

You must have used a tissue roll, right? Instead of just throwing it away after the tissue is used, you can make a deer’s face that can be made as a cute and cute Christmas decoration.

2. Snowmen

Sock Snowmen frozen Christmas crafts

Sock Snowmen frozen Christmas crafts – source: pinterest.co.uk

Do you have socks at home that you don’t want to wear anymore? Instead of being thrown away, you can change the socks into snowman. You simply add dacron in socks. Add a scarf or button and wear a hat, then you will have an adorable snowman.

3. Christmas bells

Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Recycled Christmas Ornaments – source: howtorecycles.blogspot.com

If only the bells that you hang, then it looks less attractive. Put the bell in the cup to make it more beautiful.

4. Gloves

Christmas Gloves

Christmas Gloves – source: uuac.org

For this one, you don’t need to bother. If you have several pairs of gloves, all you have to do is hang it on the Christmas tree.

5. Christmas paper tree

Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas

Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas – source: pinterest.co.uk

Making a Christmas tree from paper is very easy to do. You just need to make the pattern on the paper first, then you just scissors just follow the pattern that you have made.

6. Christmas tree branch

Christmas tree branches

Christmas tree branches – source: www.livemaster.ru

Gather the branches in your yard then you arrange them into a Christmas tree. From the moment you set up a branch, you no longer need to buy a Christmas tree.

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