5 The Spirit of Working with a Comfortable Workspace Decoration

The workspace is one factor that can improve the quality of work. Nowadays work doesn’t only have to be done at the office, but also at home.

Therefore I will give you a few minimalist workspace ideas for both office and home so that you can make your work more focused!



  1. Minimalist workspace for one team

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    workspace for team

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This small workspace is suitable for use with a team. Inside is a long table placed in the middle and both sides can be used by all team members. At the top, there is a frame that can be used as a barrier area. With a sitting position face to face, all team members can communicate more easily at work.

Room decorations can be added in the form of brightly colored display shelves and rows of small plant pots near the wall. Do not forget the area to relax such as sofas and cushion pillows placed on the edge of the window.

  1. Minimalist workspace with a high desk

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    Hight Deks

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Use a work desk and high chair for a minimalist workspace. A high work desk like this can make your feet move more freely. You can use the sides under the bottom to place the drawer. To make it look perfect, this minimalist workspace you can add a soft carpet and a refreshing green plant pot.

  1. The minimalist workspace that is neat and comfortable

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A messy workspace and too much stuff will surely make you feel uncomfortable when working. Therefore you need to make a minimalist workspace neatly arranged. Place a bookshelf to place various items on the side of the desk. If possible, choose shelves and work tables that have a matching color.

Don’t forget to choose a comfortable office chair so your back and neck don’t hurt while working. If there is a window in the minimalist workspace, use it for fresh air circulation and sunlight.

  1. Minimalist workspace for two people

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    workspace for 2 people’s

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Your work team consists of 2 people and requires a large office desk, but the size of the minimalist workspace is very limited in size? Then try the idea of ​​a minimalist workspace for 2 people on this one. Instead of arranging tables face to face, you should place the table against the wall and form a 90-degree angle.

You can also hang a computer monitor on the wall so that the table can be filled with other work support items. By implementing ideas like this,  guarantees a minimalist workspace that is small in size will feel spacious and comfortable for 2 workers. Plus, you can put shelves and various wall hangings.

  1. Minimalist workspace facing the window

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    White decoration

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Having a minimalist workspace with a table facing the window will give you several benefits. Among them is you can save electricity consumption in the morning and afternoon. In addition, you can also get a view outside the house so you are not too bored while working.

What you need to consider when placing a table facing the window in this minimalist workspace is the direction of the sun. If the window is facing the direct direction of the coming sunlight, you should undo your intentions because your eyes will feel uncomfortable when working later.

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