4 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Designs to Enliven Your Home

Now, there are many unique Christmas tree creations that you can try to enliven a Christmas party. Who among you will soon be celebrating Christmas? Christmas tree is one of the special ornaments that is always present at the celebration.

The evergreen tree is the most common plant used as a Christmas tree. Its size is quite large and takes up a lot of places but is often an obstacle for some families who live in it.

But, now that is no longer a problem, because here is a unique DIY Christmas tree idea that can decorate your and your family’s Christmas moments.

Christmas Tree with Fog

Christmas Tree with Fog

For those of you who don’t have a Christmas tree, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a holiday that falls on December 25th. There are many things that can be turned into beautiful ‘Christmas trees’. Starting from wood, paper, to books.

Here Are Some Unique DIY Christmas Tree Designs for You to Try

1. Wooden Rafters

You only need to make a frame of 6 log lengths that are made into triangles. When finished, you can wrap the outside of the frame with various decorations. Easy right?

Christmas Wooden Tree

Christmas Wooden Tree – source: pinterest.ca

2. Wood Branches

Look for used wood branches of different sizes. Stick it on the wall of your house by stacking it. Use a rope on the edge of the wood so that the branches are parallel.

Genius Christmas Tree Ideas

Genius Christmas Tree Ideas – source: pinterest.dk

3. Foliage

Not much different from branches, you can also use tree leaves with branches to form a Christmas tree by sticking it on the wall.

Tree Wall Christmas ideas

Tree Wall Christmas ideas – source: yandex.com.tr

4. Book Stacks

Have a large collection of books in the closet? Remove and arrange in the corner of the house to form an upward triangle. Decorate with a variety of unique Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Tree Book Craft

Christmas Tree Book Craft – source: yellowarthouse.com

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