4 Sweet Shabby Chic Bedroom Design Ideas for You to Copy

At present the trend is for shabby chic bedrooms, where the owner fills the room with decorations and furniture in pastel colors and floral patterns typical of the Victorian style.

Unlimited, any space deserves to be decorated in this neat shabby style. Good for your bedroom or your daughter’s bedroom!

Not only does it look beautiful and attractive, its nicely shabby decorations also offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, choosing a shabby chic decoration to beautify your home is certainly a very interesting idea!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

For your own room, you only need to choose a vintage bed cover with attractive patterns such as floral patterns or polka with soft colors. Furthermore, the choice of classic furniture can also add the impression of an elegant shabby chic. Next, you can add some additional accessories that suit the Shabby chic theme.

Here we collect 4 charming shabby chic bedroom ideas for you to try

1. A bedroom with muted pink shades

bedroom pink shades

bedroom pink shades – source: www.popeti.com

Its soft color can make anyone who sleeps here enjoy a restful sleep. In addition to choosing the appropriate color, you also need to choose a bed cover from cotton. In addition to quality materials and durable, guaranteed to sleep you will be more soundly in this room!

2. Get sweeter with pastel purple wallpapers

pastel purple wallpapers

pastel purple wallpapers – source: roomenvy.co.uk

Placing a bed next to the window is a wise choice. Because when the sun comes up in the morning, the light will penetrate through the window and wake you from a deep sleep. Say goodbye to ‘wake up late’! After waking up in the morning, you will be greeted with stylish room decorations with charming purple wallpapers!

3. Domination of pink and blue

pink and blue bedroom

pink and blue bedroom – source: pinterest.ru

Is your baby just growing? This is the time of inner turmoil, about whether he is still a child or an adult. This feeling is also included in his taste when choosing a bedroom design, you know. Therefore, why not just combine an adorable design, but far from tacky. The picture above is his inspiration!

4. The bed becomes comfortable with white curtains

shabby chic bedroom with white curtains

shabby chic bedroom with white curtains – source: potterybarnkids.com

The combination of pink and white produces a charming and attractive blend. Not all elements need to be filled with flower patterns, you can also choose plaid motifs such as sheets that are placed well on the bed. To be more beautiful, you can add white curtains on the bed. Looks very charming, right?

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