15 Awesome Backyard Ideas to Inspire You

Are you looking for a backyard idea to inspire you in your home improvement project on the page? The landscape and picture information offered here will provide direction for beginners and must provide food for thought even for more experienced DIY fans.

For many homeowners, the backyard landscape and front yard landscape have different functions. The front page is your viewing area, the stage is open for a public display where you can show the world that you have an “action” together with the landscape. On the contrary, the backyard is not about impressing anyone. Then you need to change it. Exploring the backyard ideas in this article is a good place to start.

Awesome Backyard Ideas

Awesome Backyard Ideas

1. The Backyard Garden: One of the Simple Pleasures in Life

For many, the backyard is a place to open up a gardening space and grow some plants, be they vegetables or ornamentals. If ornamentals are your passion, gather planting and plant-selection ideas.

1 One of the Simple Pleasures in Life

One of the Simple Pleasures in Life

2. Go Wild With Plants!

On the prior page, the focus was on cultivated plants that you can grow in your yard. But do not forget the various types of wildflowers that can spice up your backyard, too.

2 Go Wild With Plants!

Go Wild With Plants!

3. Create an Outdoor Living Space Tailored to Your Needs

Do you work out of your home? Telecommuters will want to create an outdoor living space conducive to getting some work done. If the conditions are right, who wouldn’t prefer working on a laptop out on the patio to being cooped up indoors in front of a desktop computer?

3 Create an Outdoor Living Space Tailored to Your Needs

Create an Outdoor Living Space Tailored to Your Needs

4. What Patio Style Suits You?

Your budget and your aesthetic tastes will play a role in deciding between the different styles. Here is another determining factor: How will you be using your patio? If you will not be using it for entertaining, you may be able to get by with a smaller patio than would otherwise be the case.

4 What Patio Style Suits You

What Patio Style Suits You

5. Brick Patios: Baked-In Classiness for the Backyard

Being composed of uniform units (namely, paving bricks), brick patios can bring a certain formality to the landscape.

5 Baked In Classiness for the Backyard

Baked In Classiness for the Backyard

6. Concrete Patios: Practical Choice

When a smooth, durable surface is required, you might want a concrete patio for your backyard. Another virtue of concrete is that it can be poured, making it a practical choice to cover a large area when the time is of the essence.

6 Practical Choice

Practical Choice

7. Dress Up a Patio With an Inlay

Brick patios and, to an even greater degree, concrete patios can be a bit boring. Dress them up with inlays such as the one shown in this image.

7 Dress Up a Patio With an Inlay

Dress Up a Patio With an Inlay

8. An Alternative Patio Style

You can see that the patio in this picture is composed of flagstones of different sizes. That’s why flagstone patios can offer a look that is less formal than that provided by brick or concrete.

8 An Alternative Patio Style

An Alternative Patio Style

9. Deck Out Your Backyard

Wooden decks are an alternative to the patios that we have been looking at in the previous slides. The deck option can be particularly attractive on hilly properties, where expensive terracing would be necessary to build a patio.

9 Deck Out Your Backyard

Deck Out Your Backyard

10. Floating Decks Are the Way to Go

The “floating” deck is a type that is not directly attached to a building. Beginners who want a deck near the house but who are afraid to compromise their home’s siding by attaching a deck directly to the house wall may want to consider building a floating deck, instead.

10 Floating Decks Are the Way to Go

Floating Decks Are the Way to Go

11. Deck Railings: Beyond Backyard Safety

The deck railings shown here are nothing special to look at, but they do their job: They help make the deck safe. Yard safety should always be paramount.

11 Beyond Backyard Safety

Beyond Backyard Safety

12. Hedges: a Classic Choice for Privacy

The swimming pool in this picture is furnished with privacy in a classic way: namely, with a hedge of shrubs that are meticulously sheared to retain its size and shape.

12 AClassic Choice for Privacy

A Classic Choice for Privacy

13. A “Living Wall” That’s Less Fuss

In addition to the traditional hedge, shrubs planted closely together in a straight row and sheared regularly so as to retain a uniform appearance, there is another kind of “living wall” for privacy. It is less formal and certainly less work to maintain.

13 A Living Wall That's Less Fuss

A Living Wall That’s Less Fuss

14. Landscape Your Fence Line to Make It Pop

In some cases, you will want to landscape your fence line with plantings, rather than just letting the fence stick out like a sore thumb on your property.

14 Landscape Your Fence Line to Make It Pop

Landscape Your Fence Line to Make It Pop

15. Like Outdoor Dining? Then You’ll Love Outdoor Kitchens

If your attitude towards barbecue grills is “Been there, done that,” then you may be interested in kicking your outdoor cooking up to the next level: Have an outdoor kitchen installed. Cook on kitchen appliances right out there on the patio and serve guests directly, rather than bringing the food out from your indoor kitchen.

15 Then You'll Love Outdoor Kitchens

Then You’ll Love Outdoor Kitchens

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