12 Functional Bathroom Designs with Modern Scandinavian Style

The functional bathroom design requires a special touch and expertise to really balance appearance and function. Scandinavian style is at the forefront of being able to display that balance.

The bathroom must not only be aesthetically perfect but also functional. The bathroom must always look well ordered. A messy bathroom will affect the overall comfort of the room.

Scandinavian Style bathroom

Scandinavian Style bathroom

By choosing a Scandinavian style, making the bathroom space will always look clean and neat. Of course, this must be supported by the use of furniture and accessories that have simple and attractive models.

Take a look at some modern aesthetic bathrooms with good functionality below.

1. Scandinavian Bathroom with Ceramics

Applying ceramics to the bathroom wall is not only easy to clean but also gives the impression of luxury and elegance in the bathroom.

Popular Scandinavian Bathroom

Popular Scandinavian Bathroom – source: api.houzz.com

Scandinavian Bathroom Tile

Scandinavian Bathroom Tile – source: houzz.com.sg

Scandinavian bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom – source: nakamichisokuho.com

The Scandinavian bathroom Tile

The Scandinavian Bathroom Tile – source: schulweg.info

2. Bathroom From Natural Scandinavian Style

This bathroom design has a neutral impression, also giving the impression of a warm and elegant bathroom interior. So even though the color and decoration are very minimal, this one bathroom still looks charming doesn’t it?

Scandinavian Bathroom Cologne

Scandinavian Bathroom Cologne – source: houzz.co.nz

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – source: designrulz.com

Scandinavian Style bathroom

Scandinavian Style bathroom – source: 3dartistonline.com

Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Designs – source: architectureartdesigns.com

3. Extend Scandinavian-style Bathroom

In a long and narrow bathroom, you can apply Scandinavian style like the following so it looks beautiful and feels comfortable when used.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles – source: raibowinseoul.com

Minimal Style White Ceramic

Minimal Style White Ceramic – source: marazzigroup.com

Scandinavian Bathroom Models

Scandinavian Bathroom Models – source: architectureartdesigns.com

Scandinavian Modern Bathroom

Scandinavian Modern Bathroom – source: djirecord.com

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