12 Beautiful and Smart Living Room Designs For Minimalist Concept

Limited land should not be a problem in making a minimalist home interior design. You can apply various design innovations and spatial planning strategies to overcome problems in minimalist home interior design, both with your own creativity and through the help of professional designers.

Actually, all problems in minimalist home interior design can be simplified in the concept of smart living. Concepts that emphasize practicality and functionality, prioritize needs without ignoring aesthetic factors. What is the application of the smart living concept to minimalist home interior design? This time we have summarized some smart life ideas that inspire your home.

Beautiful and Smart Living Room

Beautiful and Smart Living Room

1. Spatial Open Space

Open space in a minimalist home interior design made by the developer is not a loss. In fact, spatial planning like this is a solution to maximize land limited to minimalist home interior design.

Spatial Open Space

Spatial Open Space – Source: home-designing.com

Phenomenal Interior Design

Phenomenal Interior Design – Source: djenneinitiative.org

Interior minimalism

Interior minimalism – Source: goodfon.com

2. Suitable With Folding Furniture

Aside from being a solution for minimalist home interior design problems, the use of folding furniture that can be changed is the right step to apply the concept of smart living. Multifunctional folding furniture such as folding beds allows you to carry out various activities in one area with a minimalist home interior design.

Multipurpose Furniture Designs

Multipurpose Furniture Designs – Source: decorunits.com

Intelligent multifunctional furniture

Intelligent multifunctional furniture – Source: realestatevietnam.com.vn

Horizontally folding double bed

Horizontally folding double bed – Source: lining-shop.info

3. Vertical Storage Has Many Functions

This minimalist home interior design trick utilizes all parts of the wall as a storage cabinet. Although it features a modular row of cabinets, color and texture games are applied as accents so that the vertical storage settings do not look monotonous.

Storage Vertikal Interior

Storage Vertikal Interior – Source: nfmsi.ru

Storage House Interior

Storage House Interior – Source: no.pinterest.com

Classy Modern Interior Designs

Classy Modern Interior Designs – Source: roxydecor.com

4. The Mezzanine Concept Optimizes Land

This minimalist home interior design uses the concept of mezzanine as a design tactic in small homes. The mezzanine concept itself can be made using a hammock or making it part of building architecture, such as this minimalist interior design.

The Cool Mezzanine Bedroom Design

The Cool Mezzanine Bedroom Design – Source: hrhr8.co

Mezzanine Bedroom Interior

Mezzanine Bedroom Interior – Source: booking.com

Mezzanine bedroom concept

Mezzanine bedroom concept – Source: doaswe.livejournal.com

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