12 Awesome Semi-Open Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas To Make Your Comfortable Cooking

One problem that people always have to face in the kitchen is the smell of food and smoke sticking to the area inside the house. The open kitchen trend makes owners think again to bring open kitchens in their homes. What is the solution?

The book idea this time we will provide a solution for those of you who want a stylish kitchen that is connected to the public area but still avoid the smell of smoke and food by presenting a semi-open kitchen. You can provide a sliding door with a wide size that will protect the house from smelling but still stylish when opened.

Semi Open Minimalist Kitchen

Semi Open Minimalist Kitchen

If you are a little difficult to imagine. Look at the 12 semi-open kitchen ideas created by the following kitchen planner professionals.

1. Simple Light Gray

Equipped with a large glass door. Whether it’s open or closed won’t make you feel uncomfortable. With colors that are not too striking will make you comfortable.

Kitchen Light Ideas

Kitchen Light Ideas – source: reportigsandiego.com

Grey kitchens best designs

Grey kitchens best designs – source: nemesis-group.org

Bespoke kitchen Cheshire Cabinet

Bespoke kitchen Cheshire Cabinet – source: pinterest.ru

2. Chocolate Wood

If you want a relaxed atmosphere, try using wood. With natural nuances that are presented by the design of natural wood patterned wood such as wood fiber can make your mood feel comfortable when cooking.

Warm woods and breezy design

Warm woods and breezy design – source: tr.pinterest.com

Home Decorating Trends

Home Decorating Trends – source: 954bartend.info

Brain Blowing Custom Classic Kitchens

Brain Blowing Custom Classic Kitchens – source: decoratorist.com

3. Black Compatible With All Models

Whether it’s a modern, classic, rare or other kitchens. The use of black sliding doors looks elegant and is compatible with all models. Where black is very fitting and indeed is one of the basic colors in making a classic and elegant touch.

Minimalist kitchen with Slim sliding door

Minimalist kitchen with Slim sliding door – source: pinterest.ru

Kitchens with glass enclosures

Kitchens with glass enclosures – source: landscapegarden.net

Kitchen Sliding Door

Kitchen Sliding Door – source: insidetbilisi.life

4. Elegant and modern appearance

This design is able to display an elegant minimalist kitchen design and an inviting atmosphere to eat a lot. And of course, it makes a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen.

Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs

Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs – source: spinning-in-mare-lures-news.blogspot.com

Stunning Modern Black Kitchens

Stunning Modern Black Kitchens – source: interior-design-s.appspot.com

Marvellous elegant small kitchen

Marvellous elegant small kitchen – source: durkster.com

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