10 Wonderful Landscape Garden Designs For Your Home Style

Before starting to make a landscape garden, it helps us determine what design and style is suitable for our home yard.

Choose a garden landscape design style to match the look and feel of our home, and also reflect our personality.

Here are some styles in a beautiful Landscape garden that will make your home beautiful.

Beautifully Landscape Backyards

Beautifully Landscape Backyards

1. Formal Style

Formal landscape design is very dependent on straight lines and perfect shape. Planting is organized and trimmed neatly to maintain the formal effect.

formal garden landscape ideas

formal garden landscape ideas – source: byrneseyeview.com

Garden Designs with Formal Ideas

Garden Designs with Formal Ideas – source: thebuckheadalliance.org

2. Informal Style

The informal landscape design is the opposite of the formal style. This design features a more “relaxed” side with a combination of curved lines and irregular shapes. Planting is placed in a more orderly manner creating a natural appearance.

Beautiful informal garden

Beautiful informal garden – source: gardenbuilders.co.uk

Informal Small Garden Design

Informal Small Garden Design – source: freedsgn.com

3. Contemporary Style

This design is a modern landscape design, and is very popular. The combination of clear lines, with thick patterns, and the use of new materials that have a role in making a fresher design. Planting is done by forming large groups and usually using abstract specimens.

Best Landscape Ideas

Best Landscape Ideas – source: pranaycoffee.com

Contemporary Style Landscape

Contemporary Style Landscape – source: spreadinglikewings.com

4. English Garden Style

English garden design is often a fusion of formal and informal styles. In this design, using limited coatings in the low fence boundary is very common, so the resulting garden design is rather colossal in nuance.

Beautifully Landscape Backyards

Beautifully Landscape Backyards – source: deringhall.com

English Landscape Backyards

English Landscape Backyards – source: pinterest.ru

5. Tuscan Style

This style is rooted in Tuscany, located in southern Italy. This style creates the feel of the “Old World” where we will feel as if in rural Italy. The use of stone, old brick, wrought iron, heavy wood blocks, and native plants can be found in this style.

Tuscan Landscape Designs

Tuscan Landscape Designs – source: flickr.com

Tuscan Style Landscape Ideas

Tuscan Style Landscape Ideas – source: beeyoutifullife.com

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