10 Fabulous Mediterranean Living Room Designs for a Cozy Impression

Having a Mediterranean feel in the living room is not difficult. You can take easy steps by combining colors. Use colors that are characteristic of Mediterranean buildings. You have to remember, in Mediterranean style design, the colors used are colors with warm characters but still look bright.

Create a comfortable living room by applying a Mediterranean design. In addition to luxury, the typical design of countries on the southern coast of Europe is also able to provide a comfortable touch of beauty.

Mediterranean Construction Home

Mediterranean Construction Home

The following are some Mediterranean style living room designs for your home.

1. Architectural Style Adapt to Climate Conditions

For hot climates, Mediterranean-style buildings are usually thick-walled to protect from the sun’s heat during the day and stay warm at night. That way, making the living room at home has a warm and formal impression.

Architectural Mediterranean Living Room

Architectural Mediterranean Living Room – source: darrenedwards.com

Mediterranean Construction Home

Mediterranean Construction Home – source: caboconstruction.com

Mediterranean Living Room Decor ideas

Mediterranean Living Room Decor Ideas – source: johnoconnor.info

Mediterranean Living Room

Mediterranean Living Room – source: archello.com

Mediterranean Ocean Villa

Mediterranean Ocean Villa – source: rs-architects.com

2. Use of High-Quality Wood in the Living Room

The Mediterranean style utilizes the use of high-quality wood and combines it with a lot of furniture and decorations and walls that match its color. So the living room looks classic but luxurious.

Beautiful Mediterranean Living Room Designs

Beautiful Mediterranean Living Room Designs – source: architectureartdesigns.com

Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Mediterranean Living Room Ideas – source: vivbo.ru

Mediterranean Villa Interior

Mediterranean Villa Interior – source: pinterest.ph

Mediterranean style Living Room

Mediterranean Style Living Room – source: theurbaninterior.co

Modern Mediterranean House Interior

Modern Mediterranean House Interior – source: artplanat.com

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