10 Smart Wall Storage Designs That Make Homes Save Space

This furniture attracts our attention. This furniture deserves special attention according to your choice. We will highlight the design of cabinets, especially the walls that occupy formitórios. They are not only storage space so clothes are always organized, but also sweeteners in your room decoration.

In any room decoration, it is important to pay attention to the furniture. In the dining room, the table is in the middle. In the living room, paying attention to the sofa and without hesitation, the queen of the dormitory is her bed.

Functional and Adaptive Wall Storage Ideas

Functional and Adaptive Wall Storage Ideas

If you always want to store any item in your wardrobe, invest in a wardrobe. Let’s check some options!

1. Simplicity

This is a clear example of how simplicity can produce a clean and tasteful space. To achieve this, straight lines, soft colors and detailed decorations are used.

Simplicity Wall Storage

Simplicity Wall Storage – source: samwalshfurniture.co.uk

Square Wall Storage Ideas

Square Wall Storage Ideas – source: in.pinterest.com

2. Practical and Functional

The range offered by this furniture allows you to easily find everything you need. Its large space allows summer and winter clothes to be arranged, thus avoiding complicated travel from one drawer to another, as is often the case in traditional closets.

Functional and Adaptive Wall Storage Ideas

Functional and Adaptive Wall Storage Ideas – source: the189.com

Practical Wall Srorage Rack Designs

Practical Wall Storage Rack Designs – source: oppressionquest.com

3. All Included

A more pragmatic version of collagen is stacked, including other spaces in it, in cases such as pictures, simple dressers, where you can finish your makeup. Other versions of the wardrobe might also include a shoe area or a place for clothes.

All in one Closet Storage

All in one Closet Storage – source: pinterest.ru

Closet Organizers Ideas

Closet Organizers Ideas – source: rock-cafe.info

4. A Touch of Retro Style

Dispose of the wardrobe and return to the traditional wardrobe: what about the vintage touch in your room? The built-in wooden cabinet, with soft colors, will add a touch of retro trend style.

Modern Retro Wall Storage

Modern Retro Wall Storage – source: rock-cafe.info

Retro Industrial Wall Storage

Retro Industrial Wall Storage – source: getgoods.co.uk

5. Other Decorative Elements

Do you think your closet doors, because they are big, will escape art? Those who usually take care of this cellphone only think of its function. However, if we look at the following picture, we have proven that cabinets can also be a very important decorative element in a dwelling.

Decorative Wall Storage

Decorative Wall Storage – source: flyfishingonly.net

Wall Shelf Design ideas

Wall Shelf Design Ideas – source: freshouz.com

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