10 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Designs for Narrow Rooms

If the living room is likened to the face at home, then the kitchen is the heart. The state of the kitchen in a house shows how the personality of the people who occupy it. Even though this cannot be used as a benchmark, we still need to pay attention to our minimalist kitchen model.

Having a minimalist home and room is not a problem to create a clean, neat, and comfortable kitchen. By designing minimalist interior spaces as best you can, even less spacious spaces can be arranged to make them look wider, neat, comfortable, and attractive.

To have an attractive kitchen does not have to be complete with facilities and furniture, because the basic concept of kitchen layout is generally also used in designing minimalist kitchen layout. Actually, to make a narrow kitchen look more spacious, it only requires illusion and engineering.

Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Designs

This illusion and engineering can be done by adjusting existing equipment and room size. Placement of tools and furniture in the right position will give the illusion and impression of a room that looks more spacious and comfortable.

Let’s look at some simple minimalist kitchen designs that you can copy.

1. Modern

Although the size of the room is not too big, this kitchen looks so neat and attractive. Don’t use too much furniture so the impression of the room looks wider. Adjustment of basic colors between floors, cabinets and walls of the room which is very harmonious makes this kitchen look so attractive.

small kitchen designs

small kitchen designs – source: opnodes.net

U Shaped Kitchen Design

U Shaped Kitchen Design – source: pinterest.dk

2. Solid color match

This very minimalist kitchen looks so attractive. Placement of equipment that is very simple managed to juggle this kitchen looks more free. The basic color of the white room combined with the color of the cupboard can eliminate boredom when cooking.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinet – source: zambujeira.info

small grey kitchen ideas

small grey kitchen ideas – source: pufikhomes.com

3. Beautiful Simplicity

This kitchen is also not inferior to the above, although the size of the room is not too big but can still display its beauty. Placement of equipment and furniture on one side can make it look spacious and flexible. The basic colors of the walls and cabinets are also very harmonious, adding to its beauty.

Beautiful Simplicity Kitchen

Beautiful Simplicity Kitchen – source: tr.pinterest.com

Simplicity Kitchen Remodeling

Simplicity Kitchen Remodeling – source: pinterest.jp

4. Kitchen Island

The interior design of the kitchen and dining room into one (kitchen island) can be used as an alternative in saving space. It’s also more energy efficient because of the distance between the dining table, kitchen, and adjacent kitchen sink.

Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Designs – source: mariehiggins.com

Kitchen Island Models

Kitchen Island Models – source: domino.com

5. Beautiful and Clean

The interior design above looks so clean and neat, the concept of clear glass walls displays a cool and natural impression, complete facilities and accessories arranged so neatly will add to the beauty of this interior design. Coupled with the suitability of space and bright basic colors make this room look so beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful and Clean Kitchen Design

Beautiful and Clean Kitchen Design – source: kitchen.ezyummy.com

white undermount kitchen

white undermount kitchen – source: evakuatorspb.com

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