10 Outstanding Kitchen Island Decorations For Cooking Perfection

The kitchen not only has to be complete with a variety of tools that facilitate the cooking process. Minimalist style kitchen design, not only adds to the spirit of making spices but also makes the whole family feel comfortable in it.

One of the kitchen designs that are widely applied in modern homes today is the island kitchen model. This kitchen model looks like a kitchen in general but is usually equipped with a small table with a few chairs around it. At first glance, this looks like a dining table, but it really isn’t. Kitchen islands are usually used to put ingredients for cooking, but it never hurts to maximize its function into a dining table.

Kitchen island design ideas

Kitchen island design ideas

Are you interested in designing your simple kitchen with the idea of ​​a kitchen island? Below are 10 kitchen island design models that you can have at home.

1. Clean Kitchen Island

Just like the nuances of his house, which is dominated by bright colors that look clean, makes the atmosphere more lively, designers choose floral motifs and unique industrial style chandeliers.

kitchen island with flower patterned floor

kitchen island with flower-patterned floor – source: yandex.com

Kitchen island with flower patterned tiles

Kitchen island with flower-patterned tiles – source: pinterest.ru

2. Minimalist Kitchen Island

This kitchen design comes with an overall minimalist design. Kitchen Island is no exception, which only relies on natural colors and black and white.

All round minimalism

All round minimalism – source: architizer.com

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Island

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Island – source: architizer.com

3. Kitchen Island With a Rural Touch

This kitchen comes with a rustic touch that gives a comfortable feel. The kitchen part of the island which has a rather high chair will make your dining atmosphere more relaxed like being in a cafe.

Amazing kitchen island design Ideas

Amazing kitchen island design Ideas – source: interiorgod.com

inspiring Rustic kitchen island decoration

inspiring Rustic kitchen island decoration – source: coolhousy.com

4. White Kitchen Island

This design combines an elegant all-white color, with an island kitchen table equipped with modern high chairs, making its simple appearance look luxurious.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Stylish

Minimalist Kitchen Island Stylish – source: jonmarkcabinets.com.au

Minimalist White Kitchen Island

Minimalist White Kitchen Island – source: sodakaustica.com

5. Kitchen Island with a Natural Impression

Wood always manages to emphasize the natural feel of the house. The same thing you can do for your island kitchen. Imagine how comfortable cooking in the kitchen with a natural impression.

Kitchen island design ideas

Kitchen island design ideas – source: faburous.com

Kitchen island with natural impression

Kitchen island with natural impression – source: arsitag.com

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