10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Bedroom Designs for A Restful Sleep

Having a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream room design, for example, a farmhouse bedroom design. Although the design of a farmhouse space looks more suitable for a rural home, it doesn’t hurt for those of you who live in urban areas to implement it.

The bedroom design of the farmhouse that brings calm and warmth can actually neutralize the busy urban atmosphere around you.

Besides presenting a warm and friendly atmosphere. Present this style in colors like brown, beige, white, light yellow, brick red, orange to dark blue. These colors will give the impression of a quiet, warm and comfortable farmhouse.

The Shape of the Bedroom

The Shape of the Bedroom

Let’s look at the following 10 farmhouse bedroom designs!

1. Elegant Black Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Not always a dark color, especially black is not suitable for small rooms. The design of a small farmhouse space can really look elegant with the touch of black accessories in the room. To make the design of a farmhouse room look more natural, you can add green leaves on the edge of the window.

Elegant Black Farmhouse Bedroom Design result

Elegant Black Farmhouse Bedroom Design – source: pinterest.ru

Refined Modern Farmhouse Bedroom result

Refined Modern Farmhouse Bedroom – source: zinhome.com

2. Carpet as an Attractive Accent

If you are not going to change many things or are afraid of making the room more crowded, your room can still use the design of a farmhouse space with a classically patterned carpet. Hide a third of the carpet area under the bed so that its existence can blend into the design of the room.

Farmhouse Bedroom Carpets

Farmhouse Bedroom Carpets – source: hometoz.com

Favourite Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Favorite Farmhouse Master Bedroom – source: mykinglist.appspot.com

3. Warm Farmhouse Bedroom Design

The farmhouse style room design is intended to bring back a warm and peaceful rural atmosphere. Don’t stick to white as the main color of the room design, you can also choose other soft colors like yellow, light blue, or light brown.

Charming Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Charming Rustic Bedroom Ideas – source: ingyenoltoztetosjatekok.com

Wonderful Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Wonderful Farmhouse Bedroom Design – source: pinterest.it

4. Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design

Small rooms are very suitable if used as a guest bedroom because it does not need a lot of furniture such as a large closet. Just provide a place to hang clothes and bedside tables with drawers. Instead of putting a lot of furniture, place a large bed with a soft mattress and ethnic motif pillows. That way, the design of this guest room can contain two people even though the room is quite narrow.

Amazing Guest Bedroom

Amazing Guest Bedroom – source: decorisme.com

The Shape of the Bedroom

The Shape of the Bedroom – source: tr.pinterest.com

5. Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom Design

The bedroom design of the farmhouse can not only bring a cool atmosphere but can also create a feminine feel. This room design is also suitable for feminine teenage girls. Pink does not need to dominate to produce a sweet feminine side, a touch in several corners such as pillows, wall hangings, or wall edges is enough.

Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom Design – source: mykinglist.com

Gorgeous Classic Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom

Gorgeous Classic Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom – source: decomagz.com

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