10 Fantastic Small Living Room Decorations for Cozy Home Impression

You certainly agree that the living room is one of the most important parts or elements of a house. Not only is it related to its function as a room for receiving guests, but also because this space is usually the first area that we access every time we enter the house.

A warm and comfortable living room but also beautiful in its arrangement would be the dream of today’s citizens. In terms of house arrangement, every detail becomes very meaningful. The wrong arrangement of furniture can actually make your small living room more petite and closed.

Our advice, do not stick your furniture to the wall area. Keep the distance between the furniture with the wall in a small living room even though only 1 centimeter.

Awesome Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Interior Design Ideas

Then what if you only have a small living room? Don’t worry, we have some great design tips for those of you who have the desire to decorate a small living room!

1. Install the Mirror

Are you familiar with the concept of installing mirrors in restaurants and coffee shops around you? Yes, the trick to using a mirror to give the impression of wide space is not something new. Well, in our opinion this concept is perfect for you to have a small living room.

Living Room With Mirror

Living Room With Mirror – source: kalvez.com

traditional living room ideas

traditional living room ideas – source: venidair.com

2. Ideal Pastel Colors

Choice of paint colors for the size of a small living room was very influential, you know. According to our observations, a small living room is not very suitable when paired with bold colors. Be careful, don’t make mistakes that are usually done when setting up a small guest room.

Well, conversely the use of colors like white, beige, and light gray in a small living room can actually create the impression of a spacious, comfortable, and warm space.

Pastel Color small Living Room

Pastel Color small Living Room – source: affiliateblueprint.club

Pastel Living Room

Pastel Living Room – source: madeinthebarn.com

3. Indoor Plants for A Beautiful Impression in the Living Room

The presence of plants in your small living room will certainly beautify the room. Our advice, choose green plants whose survival is not too dependent on sunlight. This is so you don’t have to bother carrying plants every day. Aside from the type, you should also pay attention to the right size and suitable to be placed in your small living room.

Good Indoor Plants For Living Room

Good Indoor Plants For Living Room – source: nucksiceman.com

Living Room Plants

Living Room Plants – source: controllerskin.com

4. Large Window

To create the impression of spacious space, natural lighting is one of the most important considerations. In addition to the choice of house paint colors such as neutral or pastel colors, the large window size can also create extensive effects for small living rooms.

Awesome Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Interior Design Ideas – source: m3studio.sg

Unique Window Designs for Living Room

Unique Window Designs for Living Room – source: mapatia.com

5. Install Wallpaper For A Small Living Room

Previously we talked about the ideal paint color for small living rooms, this time we want to recommend installing wallpaper walls. Not many people believe that wallpaper can also give the impression of space in a room. The important thing is that the wallpaper is maintained regularly.

Living room with wallpaper

Living room with wallpaper – source: purevelvet.at

Wallpaper for small living room

Wallpaper for small living room – source: retroboutique.ro

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