10 Elegant Minimalist Tiny House Designs For Your Dreams

Home design with a simple concept or often called minimalism is still the most popular choice. Many architects or home designers choose to use a minimalist style in building dream homes that not only look charming but are also comfortable to live in.

With minimal nuances, minimalist building styles can also be applied to small or large houses. The combination of neutral colors, modern elements, natural touches, and beautiful open spaces, the exterior appearance of a minimalist home design always looks trendy and attractive.

Modern tiny House Ideas

Modern Tiny House Ideas

You don’t need to worry anymore when you have a small land to build a house, because the minimalist concept will turn it into a beautiful and elegant residence.

Here are some minimalist small houses that can be your reference in building your dream home.

1. Rustic Tiny House Design

The first house design is a house design with a rural concept. The front view of this house is dominated by natural elements such as wood and stone. The natural feel is displayed by this model house. Then the natural stone is used as the main door frame to enhance the overall appearance of this house.

coolest rustic tiny houses

coolest rustic tiny houses – source: m.sfgate.com

Rustic Tiny Home Design

Rustic Tiny Home Design – source: mychristianyp.com

2. Simple Tiny House Design

The appearance of this house looks simple but still trendy with a combination of touches of black, ash and wood. Even with its small size, this house has quite complete space such as a terrace, balcony, and garage which makes it look very comfortable to live in.

Simple Tiny House Design Ideas

Simple Tiny House Design Ideas – source: toptwenty.info

Simple Tiny House Design

Simple Tiny House Design – source: illicitlistening.com

3. Modern Tiny House Design

With a square building construction dominated by black and white, this house looks very elegant. Geometric wall accents also complement the exterior appearance of the second floor which makes it even more attractive. A touch of stone, wood and green growth adds a fresh atmosphere to the atmosphere of this house with extraordinary charm.

Modern Tiny House Design

Modern Tiny House Design – source: ecvv.com

Modern tiny House Ideas

Modern Tiny House Ideas – source: ccleanerdownloadz.com

4. Design a Tiny House with Black Shades

For those of you who want a small house with more than two floors of construction, you can make this inspiration as the main reference. This house was built with a construction high enough to surround the limited land flanked by two buildings.

Design a Tiny House with Black Shades

Design a Tiny House with Black Shades – source: pinterest.pt

Ultra Modern Tiny House

Ultra Modern Tiny House – source: ecosnippets.com

5. Minimalist Tiny House Design with 2 floors

Two-story house construction is always the best solution when you have limited land to build a house. Inspiration for this one house was built with an area that is not too big but two-story construction can overcome the problem of limited space.

Minimalist Tiny House Design Ideas

Minimalist Tiny House Design Ideas – source: pinterest.de

Minimalist Tiny House Designs

Minimalist Tiny House Designs – source: beeyoutifullife.com

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