10 Beautiful Minimalist Home Garden Designs for Small Land

No matter how much land you have, as much as possible provide a special area of ​​the park because there are quite a lot of properties. The garden can provide fresh views for the eyes and good air for the home.

The expanse of green grass is also indirectly good for tired eyes. If your eyes feel tired after seeing a gadget or computer, rest your eyes regularly with the ’20 -20-20 ‘rule. Every 20 minutes, look at it for 20 seconds from a reading screen or gadget, and see the distance is about six meters (20 feet).

Green plants can make the room cool and fresh atmosphere. Not only in terms of visuals, the presence of plants at home also increases air circulation. Having a garden or potted green plant is now a trend for a healthy all-round lifestyle.

Modern Garden Design

Modern Garden Design

The following is the inspiration for a minimalist home garden design for small land so it looks maximal.

1. Wet Garden

The choice of a wet garden at home can be determined by the habits of the owner and the area they have. If you’re the type of person who likes gardening or farming, a wet garden with grass can be a sanctuary in itself.

Small Courtyard Garden Ideas

Small Courtyard Garden Ideas – source: urimage.net

Wet Garden Ideas

Wet Garden Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

2. Easy Maintenance with A Dry Garden

Replacing grass with gravel makes dry gardens easier to care for because you can water plants in pots.

Front Yard With Gravel Ideas

Front Yard With Gravel Ideas – source: freshouz.com

Very Simple Garden Ideas

Very Simple Garden Ideas – source: spreadinglikewings.com

3. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can be applied in three ways, namely using hanging pots with ropes, potting linings on the walls, and planting vines. Instead, place plants with bright leaves and flowers to create a pleasant atmosphere in the morning.

vertical flower boxes garden

vertical flower boxes garden – source: pinterest.cl

vertical wall gardens

vertical wall gardens – source: dopay.info

4. A Place to Relax

A green garden or colorful flowers that grow around it will be a great center of relaxation, either at breakfast or enjoying a cup of tea on the weekend.

To relax, place a chair, sofa or special outdoor table in a position with a comprehensive view. So you can enjoy the park to the fullest even with a mini size.

Modern Garden Design

Modern Garden Design – source: imgsquash.com

Relax Garden Design

Relax Garden Design – source: 3gtablets.blogspot.com

5. Garden with Fish Ponds

Serve a private oasis with a fish pond in the garden. If possible, the flow of water from fish ponds is also effective to revive the relaxed atmosphere to reduce stress levels, in addition to its function to maximize the appearance of the garden in your home to look more beautiful.

Charmingly Beautiful Back Yard Ponds

Charmingly Beautiful Back Yard Ponds – source: decohoms.com

Cute Minimalist Fishpond Design

Cute Minimalist Fishpond Design – source: id.pinterest.com

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