10 Awesome Small Apartment Interior Designs You Must See

Nowadays, urban areas are very crowded to build houses. Because of this, land and property prices have shot up. As a solution to this problem, vertical housing or what is commonly called an apartment can be used as a housing and permanent choice.

Apart from the lower price of ordinary houses, the apartment has a better security system than the house in general and the facilities provided are also varied.

Apartments come in a variety of sizes, including attics, studios, niches, and conversion types. For those of you who want to live in an apartment and are single or do not have a family, this type of studio and apartment is ideal for one or two people. With a capacity of one room, this small apartment can be a comfortable place to stay while creative in arranging the interior.

Studio Apartment Interior Design

Studio Apartment Interior Design

This time, we will review a small and beautiful apartment that will amaze you. Here are 10 really cool little apartment designs!

1. Tiny LifeEdited Apartment Design

The interior of the LifeEdited apartment is made of wooden boards wrapped in white and tends to be used for narrow spaces and low lighting because the white color is considered capable of creating a bright and spacious atmosphere in the interior.

LifeEdited Apartment

LifeEdited Apartment – source: source.architizer.com

Studio Apartment Interiors

Studio Apartment Interiors – source: recommend.my

2. Versailles Small Apartment Design

Initially, this apartment only consisted of a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The Catseye Bay design studio renovated this apartment into a residence with several rooms by utilizing the multifunctional interior design of the furniture.

Versailles Apartment Design

Versailles Apartment Design – source: design-bild.blogspot.com

Versailles Apartment Interiors

Versailles Apartment Interiors – source: pinterest.ca

3. Taipei Small Apartment Design

The interior design of this apartment maximizes space by creating floor-to-ceiling cabinets that can be used as a place to store clothes, books, etc. And to access the top stairs, available.

Compact Apartment Ideas

Compact Apartment Ideas – source: www.homify.ca

Taipei Small Apartment Design

Taipei Small Apartment Design – source: 954bartend.info

4. Micro Apartment Design

Polish architect Szymon Hanzschar conjured up a micro-sized apartment that was originally just a bedroom into a house with a kitchen, lounge, and bathroom. A touch of minimalist interior design like a modern home complete with a bed for two people makes this micro-apartment like a home.

Micro Apartment Design

Micro Apartment Design – source: lapromenade-couhe.fr

Small Apartments Layout

Small Apartments Layout – source: decorilla.com

5. Small Studio Apartment Design

Small apartment located in a building from the 17th century located in Paris, France. Architect Anne Roland renovated an old apartment that had been abandoned for 70 years into a pleasant studio-sized apartment. The bedroom and main room merge with the beauty of the room.

Small Studio Apartment Design

Small Studio Apartment Design – source: youtube.com

Studio Apartment Interior Design

Studio Apartment Interior Design – source: 24.moolton.com

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