10 Awesome Floor Bed Designs for You to Have

First, you need to know first. What is the definition of a floor bed? Yes Only the mattress is positioned right on the floor. It could also be said to be a bed without a sofa!

Don’t be discouraged and feel like you are the luckiest human being in the world. Bed without a divan has its own advantages, you know. What is clear is comfortable and makes you feel at home if stuck in bed.

When designing or decorating a room, imagine what you or your partner do, if they are married. Furniture curator as needed. For example, do you still need a desk in the room, while you have a special study room?

floor beds with carpets

floor beds with carpets

To be more comfortable in the room, want to know more about how to arrange a floor bed? All inspiration is here, friends! Scroll down

1. The floor bed is identical to the boarding house

Although this is also true, most boarding children found without boarding will be very lazy if they have to buy a sofa. As a result, you put your mattress directly on a paper mat or emergency mat. Don’t be discouraged, you can add some favorite items to your bed such as pillows or cute dolls.

floor bed ideas

floor bed ideas – source: id.pinterest.com

Montessori Floor Bed Experience

Montessori Floor Bed Experience – source: flylords.net

2. Make Your Bed Easier And The Most Comfortable Place In The World

Plant a thick and soft blanket on your bed. Gosh, how relaxed.

placing a mattress on the floor

placing a mattress on the floor – source: memoryfoamtalk.com

White Master Bedroom

White Master Bedroom – source: topdownreviews.com

3. Complete the Carpet Beside Your Bed

In addition, you can also add carpet to your bed. When your friends play in your room, it can also be a place to sit.

classy mattress on the floor

classy mattress on the floor – source: sk.pinterest.com

floor beds with carpets

floor beds with carpets – source: id.pinterest.com

4. Very Easy To Treat

Having a floor bed makes it easy for you to make a bed. No need to stand until you lift your bed from the sofa. Tidy up in an instant!

floor beds neat

floor beds neat – source: stephbrownthinks.blogspot.com

The mattress on Floor

The mattress on Floor – source: statisticsontextinganddrivingwakemoo.blogspot.com

5. Make Your Room Style Bohemian Or Hipster

Enough for a hipster or bohemian style floor bed. Just stick a blanket or sheet with ethnic motifs, add fabric on the walls and Tumblr style lamps if necessary.

Bohemian floor beds

Bohemian floor beds – source: decoralist.com

Minimalist Bohemian Bedroom

Minimalist Bohemian Bedroom – source: pinterest.ru

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