10 Awesome Bathroom Designs for Your Dream Home

In your opinion, how important is the bathroom design for the house? If the kitchen is your favorite place to spend time with all family members, then the bathroom is where you start and spend the day.

It is undeniable, making the bathroom a comfortable room for the family is very important.

Well, if you are still confused with what style you want to apply in the bathroom, see the design that we present for you to try!

Minimalistic and Functional Bathroom Designs

Minimalistic and Functional Bathroom Designs

1. Bohemian style bathroom

The Bohemian style originally emerged from the Bohemians in Central Europe. In the concept of interior design, Bohemian relies on spontaneity and utilizes whatever is available. Today the Bohemian style is sticky with unique patterns and bright colors. The narrow Bohemian style bathroom design below is suitable for you who are creative and passionate.

Bohemian style bathroom

Bohemian style bathroom – source: pinterest.es

Eclectic bohemian bathroom

Eclectic bohemian bathroom – source: pinterest.ie

2. Vintage style bathroom

The vintage style is inherent with the old school impression. The decoration depends on old things, the texture of the walls exposed to paint which is slightly peeling here and there. Look at the inspiration for vintage bathrooms through the design examples below.

Vintage bathroom furniture

Vintage bathroom furniture – source: pinterest.es

Vintage style bathroom

Vintage style bathroom – source: refreshbathroom.info

3. Minimalist style bathroom

Minimalist bathroom design is still a trend that will never go out of style. The minimalist style as the name suggests relies on minimal touch. The colors used are mostly soft or white and cream pastels.

Minimalistic and Functional Bathroom Designs

Minimalistic and Functional Bathroom Designs – source: nepalconstructionmart.com

Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms – source: galaxyinsider.com

4. Nautical style bathroom

Nautical is a design style that is inspired by the atmosphere of the beach and the sea. No wonder the colors that dominate the bathroom for the nautical style are blue and white. To add to the thicker nautical feel, you can add decorations in the form of shells, starfish or sand.

Nautical style bathroom

Nautical style bathroom – source: kingsofsro.com

Nautical themed bathroom

Nautical themed bathroom – source: venidair.com

5. Scandinavian-style bathroom

In addition to minimalist style design, you have a simple spirit of course like the Scandinavian-style bathroom design above. Scandinavian design is synonymous with clean and natural colors. Without too many unnecessary decorations, your bathroom still looks good.

Scandinavian style bathroom

Scandinavian style bathroom – source: razvitieregionov.space

Spectacular Scandinavian Bathroom

Spectacular Scandinavian Bathroom – source: architectureartdesigns.com

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