10 Awesome and Stylish Wardrobe Designs You Can Copy

Wardrobe is one of the important furniture that must be owned in every residence. Furniture which is usually made of wood not only has a function as a place to store clothes, but also various items such as files, furniture, and toys.

If usually the design of cabinets with elegant and classic style is often chosen as furniture in the house, you can choose another design to give a different look to your residence.

If you are bored with the usual wardrobe style, maybe you can refer to some amazing ideas about wardrobe that we will discuss below.

Open the Wardrobe Design

Open the Wardrobe Design

Well, this time we will discuss some amazing ideas about stylish wardrobe designs that you can emulate.

1. Door Mirror Cabinet

This cabinet with a door made of mirrors will increase the area of ​​your room, because of the placement of a large mirror on the side of your room. Even better if the mirror door is a sliding door that will add to the practical appearance of your closet.

Awesome Black Wardrobe Doors

Awesome Black Wardrobe Doors – source: badotcom.com

Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe – source: lookoutpointblog.com

2. Monochrome Wall Cabinets with Sliding Doors

This cabinet seems more stylish because of the monochrome colors that are displayed. Your room will be more comfortable and not feel cramped because this cabinet is integrated with the walls of the room. The use of sliding doors will make this cabinet more attractive.

Screen Sliding Door

Screen Sliding Door – source: slidingdoornewnebutsuji.blogspot.com

Sliding door wardrobe ideas

Sliding door wardrobe ideas – source: idmebeles.lv

3. Open Wardrobe Design

If you don’t want your room to look full of large wardrobe furniture, you can apply an open wardrobe design like this. By applying the idea of ​​an open cabinet, your room will not feel full because of the presence of large furniture and spend less space.

Open the Wardrobe Design

Open the Wardrobe Design – source: pinterest.ru

Open Wardrobe Design

Open Wardrobe Design – source: yandex.com

4. Cabinets with Curtain Doors

You can also apply these clothes with the curtain door in your room. The concept is almost the same as an open cupboard, but the difference is there are curtains that cover it. This concept is suitable for you who want a simple model but like neat things. Just put it on the side of the room and a curtain to cover it.

Cabinets with Curtain Doors

Cabinets with Curtain Doors – source: www.pinterest.dk

Wardrobe with Curtain Doors

Wardrobe with Curtain Doors – source: m.musely.com

5. Wardrobe in Bed

If you have problems with limited space, you can apply this one idea. By utilizing under the bed for a clothes rack, your bed will become multi-functional, and you can still have a wardrobe in your own room. Effective enough for you to try in your small room.

Bedroom with Wardrobe Ideas

Bedroom with Wardrobe Ideas – source: confettissimo.com

Small Master Bedroom with Wardrobe

Small Master Bedroom with Wardrobe – source: pinterest.ca

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