10 Amazing Dry Garden Designs That Can Make Your Home More Beautiful

Do not let the limited land also limits creativity and the hobby of caring for plants in the park. Basically the park consists of two types, namely a wet garden and a dry garden. A dry garden can be made outdoors or indoors. A dry garden at home is ideal for those of you who have minimal land or for those of you who want to bring nature to your home.

The best dry garden design always meets two main criteria: simple and elegant or far from complicated settings. Types of plants commonly used for dry gardens are Sansevieria, Bromelia, Cactus, Peace Lily, and many more.

While the decoration is coral-like a sponge or coral brush. Already familiar with the concept of a dry garden? Now it’s time to find inspiration for a dry garden in your home

Dry Garden with Beautiful Footpaths

Dry Garden with Beautiful Footpaths

Look at the following inspiration from Us!

1. A Dry Garden with A Seating Area

The garden will feel perfect if you can use it to relax by the homeowner. For a dry garden, make a simple area of ​​natural stone with soft pillows. So that the relaxing time feels more beautiful and cooler, plant some tropical trees to prevent sunlight.

Best Small Garden Ideas

Best Small Garden Ideas – source: helpapp.co

Easy Garden Ideas

Easy Garden Ideas – source: wljxradio.net

2. A Simple Dry Garden Dominated by Rocks

One of the convenience in making a dry garden is that it does not need a lot of elements. For example, a dry garden that only has one tree with several shrubs around it. The ground is covered with small white stones. Looks simple, clean, but still beautiful and pretty, right?

Riverbed Gravel Ideas

Riverbed Gravel Ideas – source: theswenglishhome.blogspot.com

Rock Garden Design Ideas

Rock Garden Design Ideas – source: irecommend.ru

3. Outdoor Dry Garden with Small Ornamental Plants

Small plants also look beautiful to adorn outdoor dry gardens. To make it look balanced with the size of the soil, place small plants in several large stone pots. You can arrange it by combining several types of plants at once.

Small garden ideas

Small garden ideas – source: alldesignideas.com

Terrace Garden Design Ideas

Terrace Garden Design Ideas – source: www.pinterest.ru

4. Dry Garden with Beautiful Footpaths

Pour your creativity through the rocks in a dry garden. Instead of using stones to cover the ground evenly, you can try to design a road using colorful stones in various shapes.

If it is difficult to arrange the stones for paths, you can buy stones that have been printed in various shapes such as butterflies, leaves, hexagonal, and more. When it rains, you can walk on this road so that your feet are not dirty because of standing water or wet soil.

Dry Garden with Beautiful Footpaths

Dry Garden with Beautiful Footpaths – source: pinterest.ru

Inspiring Dry Riverbed Garden

Inspiring Dry Riverbed Garden – source: amzhouse.com

5. Japanese Dry Garden

Japanese dry gardens are dominated by greenery and rocks. This garden design will be suitable for minimalist or traditional residential style. All you need to do is make a grass area in the middle, then place some medium-sized stones in several corners. After that, scatter the coral around it. To make it look more beautiful, you can dredge some parts of the stone to create a unique dividing line or texture.

Japanese Dry Garden

Japanese Dry Garden – source: lebenin.info

Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese Zen Garden – source: pinterest.com

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