10 Amazing Contemporary House Designs For Your New Family

Maybe someone said that a contemporary home is the same as a modern home. There is nothing wrong if you remember a few similarities: minimalism, firm line structure, and an open impression.

However, some say contemporary and modern designs are different. Modern house design refers to the design of houses that emerged in the early 20th century until the 1950s. Then you can say that Art Deco in the 1920s, mid-50th century, and 1970s had a modern style.

Meanwhile, the contemporary meaning is contemporary design, a style that develops at a point in time which is considered a gift for those who see it. The form can take from a variety of architectural styles before, including modern styles and tends to be rather futuristic. Often contemporary houses emphasize the elements of sustainability, energy-saving design, environmentally friendly, and using reused materials such as container boxes and others.

Scandinavian Contemporary House

Scandinavian Contemporary House

Whatever the opinion between the difference between modern design and contemporary design, at this time if you are looking for contemporary home ideas, we have chosen 10 attractive contemporary designs for your inspiration.

1. Personal Contemporary House

The design is a combination of strict minimalist lines and fluid, which emphasizes the smooth flow of air and natural light exposure. More than that, the design is also iconic, it can represent the owner’s taste.

Contemporary House

Contemporary House – source: shanto.me

Personal Contemporary House

Personal Contemporary House – source: caandesign.com

2. Contemporary Wooden House Design

This contemporary design refers to a variety of unique facade features of minimalist wooden trellises and unusual mounting patterns.

Contemporary and Comfortable House

Contemporary and Comfortable House – source: pinterest.co.uk

Contemporary Wooden House Design

Contemporary Wooden House Design – source: ryarch.com

3. Eclectic Contemporary Houses

A contemporary house can also mean a house that suits contemporary tastes. For those of you who like material, eclectic designs can be made in a contemporary feel, you know. See the design below.

Eclectic Contemporary House Ideas

Eclectic Contemporary House Ideas – source: myfancyhouse.com

Eclectic Contemporary Houses

Eclectic Contemporary Houses – source: houses.ru

4. Scandinavian-style Contemporary House

There are at least four factors that make Scandinavian homes (or furniture) very popular lately, namely functionality, durability, simplicity, and reliability. Scandinavian style is also very adaptable.

Scandinavian Contemporary House

Scandinavian Contemporary House – source: archdaily.com

Scandinavian style Contemporary House

Scandinavian style Contemporary House – source: cityrulers.co

5. Minimalist Contemporary Tiny House

Small houses can also be roomy and stylish with a minimalist contemporary design concept. The design is simple but very effective in utilizing the land. The line play on the facade and the combination of architectural materials make this contemporary home look modern.

Minimalism Contemporary House

Minimalism Contemporary House – source: wowowhome.com

Minimalist Contemporary Tiny House

Minimalist Contemporary Tiny House – source: pinterest.com

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